Must-Visit Venues In Australia For The Sportaholic In You

must-visit venues in australia for the sportaholic in you

Australia has always been a land well-known for its sporting prowess. During the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, the country dominated the world in the areas of cricket, rugby, athletics and tennis (thanks to Lleyton Hewitt). So there’s a good chance that if you’re planning a visit to the country, you’re interested in its sporting heritage (and perhaps watching a match or two).

Let’s take a look at some of Australia’s must-visit venues for the ardent sports fanatic.

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The Allianz Stadium In Sydney

Yes, it’s a shame about the boring insurance company sponsorship, but once you get past the name, the stadium offers one of the best sporting venues in Australia. Originally called the Sydney Cricket Stadium, the site has hosted dozens of events over the years including the 2000 Olympic Games, Rugby League World Cup, and many cricket matches. You never know what might be on next at the Allianz Stadium, so it’s worth checking the schedule, especially if you’re planning a trip to Sydney.

The Oval At Adelaide

The Oval in Britain is probably the most famous cricket ground in the world. But The Adelaide Oval does an excellent job at matching it for atmosphere and intensity. You can join thousands of other cricket fans for an afternoon of beer-fueled ranting and raving, as skilled cricketers battle it out on the pitch. Scream “four” and “LBW” at the top of your voice while drinking beer by the bucket load. Okay, granted, perhaps that’s not your thing. But the venue also offers a host of other events, including Australian rules football for which you can buy AFL tickets now and get an insight into how the Aussie’s do the world’s favourite sport. Merchandise wise, AFL store have plenty of options, from clothing to gift sets, there's definitely something for everyone.

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WACA In Perth

WACA stands for Western Australia Cricket Association but is now synonymous with the organisation’s cricket ground, established in 1893. The site initially began hosting cricket only, but soon diversified as Perth saw the need to expand the range of sports that people could watch at large venues.

WACA is a large cricket venue, providing more than 25,000 seats. It hosts rugby, football and occasionally athletics.

The Flemington Racecourse In Melbourne

Melbourne is in fierce competition with Sydney to be crowned Australia’s most iconic city. But while Syndey has the Opera House, Melbourne has the Flemington Racecourse, an enormous venue, capable of hosting crowds of nearly half a million people.

Hosting its first horse race back in 1861, the venue has since become an iconic venue and provides the perfect opportunity to dress up and put on your best attire. It’s such a prestigious venue that the government declared it a National Heritage Site, giving it special status.

Nothing quite compares to the atmosphere of the venue on race day, so it’s well worth checking out if you go on a trip to Victoria.

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The Gabba In Brisbane

Brisbane is just up the coast from Sydney and plays host to the Gabba, a major cricket ground in the suburb of Woolloongabba. You can easily find your way to the stadium from downtown using local bus services.

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