4 Easy Ways to Hit Refresh on Your Look

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There’s something about a change of season that can leave you feeling like you need to hit refresh on your look. You might find yourself going through your wardrobe for the millionth time, feeling like you have nothing to wear. Or perhaps your hair is leaving you feeling completely uninspired. Here are four easy ways to hit refresh on your look and start feeling more fabulous

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Go minimalist 

If you’re spending ages going through your wardrobe and still feel you’ve got nothing to wear, something isn’t right. So take action, and switch your approach completely. Have you ever thought that maybe it’s not that you have nothing to wear, it’s that you have too much to wear? 

Capsule wardrobes are all the rage at the minute because they provide a stylish solution to the problem of not knowing what to wear. Instead of flitting from fashion to fashion and ending up with heaps of unloved items, the capsule approach provides a timeless and gorgeous base wardrobe that can be adapted for any occasion. See if you can cut down your clothes to just a few basics that you find really flattering. If you feel amazing in it, keep it. If you’re not sure, it might be time for it to move on! Having just a few pieces that make you feel truly fabulous can revolutionize your look. It’ll give you a defined style and also make choosing an outfit so easy, freeing up plenty of brain power which you can put to better use elsewhere!

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A capsule wardrobe might sound a bit sparse, but it does not have to be boring. Once you’ve got the key pieces that you love to rock, you can switch them up with amazing accessories. A strong accessory, whether a statement pair of sunglasses or a delicate necklace, can add a whole new dimension to your outfit. Don’t forget the things that bring your whole look together, like your shoes, belt, bag, and eye wear. If the weather calls for it, a hat can add heaps of personality too. Have fun with accessorising and you’ll never truly wear the same outfit twice!


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Be a borrower

If you want to update your look, but don’t have the funds to invest in new items, there could be a fantastic solution that you’re overlooking. If you have friends, family or neighbours who share your size, you have a whole potential wardrobe there just waiting to be raided (with permission, of course!). If you like their style, see if they’d be willing to trade you some pieces that you can experiment with. They might even have some things they’d be willing to rehome with you. Alternatively, see if there are any swap sales in your area. This is where you can bring items of clothing and in return, you get to take home someone else's items. A brand new look, for free!

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Make a drastic change

Perhaps you want to think about more than clothes. If your hair isn’t doing it for you anymore, find ways to style it differently, or take a bold approach and go for a brand new hair cut. You could even invest in some hair dye and create a whole new look by experimenting with a new shade. Just make sure you’ve thought it through since drastic changes tend to be more permanent! Makeup is another, less permanent, option for creativity with your look. Have fun experimenting with bold colours and unique styles, since you can simply wash it off at the end of the day.

Do you feel like it's time for a summer wardrobe refresh?


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