Skincare Methods to Help You Fight the Skin Ageing Process

fight skin ageing

The ageing process impacts your body in many ways. A lot of those changes manifest themselves on the surface of your skin. Some can also alter deeper skin layers in ways you cannot see that have a negative impact on your total skin health. When trying to fight the skin ageing process, you need to understand the contributing factors. It is also important to explore all the skincare methods available to help you in your battle for healthy skin.

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What Creates Changes in Your Skin as You Age

There is no single event or item that causes the skin damage that occurs when you get older. It is a combination of factors that create the overall outcome. For example, your body produces less of certain skin-protecting hormones and other protective materials as you age. Ageing also means your skin has been exposed to external issues like sun and weather for a longer period. Chemicals, poor eating habits and other lifestyle or environmental issues can also affect your skin health in ways you do not like. For example, too much sun exposure can cause rough patches or spots on your skin.

Laser Treatments Can Heal Certain Types of Skin Damage

There are a lot of skincare treatments out there, but one of the most versatile is laser treatment. Skincare lasers medical machines are used by trained skincare professionals. They are capable of helping you reverse types of skin damage that include wrinkles, mild to moderate skin sags and scars. However, you must choose the proper type of laser treatment for your skin type, as well as the type of skin problem you wish to treat. There are several types of skincare lasers available. The two biggest categories are ablative and non-ablative lasers. Ablative lasers are those affecting your outer layer of skin and non-ablative lasers are those focusing on deeper layers. An ablative treatment like a peel procedure is often most appropriate when you want to quickly improve the surface of your skin. A non-ablative procedure is better for slowly improving your skin quality over time by persuading your body to produce more collagen and repair itself.

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Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Injections Can Help You Correct Wrinkles

Botulinum toxin, more commonly called Botox, is a plant extract. It is commonly injected into the skin in small doses. The Botox extract has a paralytic component that temporarily freezes the muscles in place in the target area. It is particularly useful to even out wrinkles on your face. The temporary muscle paralysis helps your skin hold a more desirable shape.

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Other Injections Work Differently But Can be Equally Helpful

There are also other materials approved for use in the skincare industry as injected treatments. Commonly called fillers, they often contain healthy acids and other components decide to provide supportive care to your skin. At the same time, they literally fill in sunken areas, allowing your skin to regain a more round and plump appearance. When selecting fillers, make sure you choose approved fillers that contain healthy ingredients.

Chemical Peels Can Provide Specific Skin Treatments

Another method you can try to revitalise your skin is a chemical peels. Chemical peels can be beneficial for a number of reasons. One is that they offer instant gratification of a sort, since they directly affect the outer layer of the skin. By changing the combination of chemicals used, your clinician can also provide you with a specialised peel to treat several skin layers, if necessary. However, the stronger chemical peels can cause temporary swelling, redness and general discomfort. Consider those side effects as compared to the potential side effects of other treatments like lasers carefully before picking an anti-ageing skincare procedure.

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This is post is just some insight I have when doing research on skincare methods, by no means, I am encouraging anyone to have particular treatments. Have you considered any anti-ageing treatments before and would you explore different options?


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