Upgrading Your Bathroom Without A Full-Blown Renovation

bathroom renovations

Bathrooms are such beautiful rooms because you can call upon so many different styles and designs. There are loads of ways you can approach your bathroom and even more ways that you can improve it as well.

Bathroom renovations are popular - in fact, they’re probably one of the most common home renovation ideas out there. But, they can be costly and cause a lot of disruption in your home. So, what happens if you want to improve or upgrade your bathroom, but you don’t have the funds or time for a full-blown renovation?

Well, you improvise! When you take a look at your bathroom space, you’ll soon identify a few ways that you can upgrade it without all the stress and effort.

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Upgrade the lighting

Your bathroom lighting has a huge impact on the overall design and theme of the room. I always think that making lighting changes is the easiest way to improve a room without having to go through too much effort. It’s simple; replace your current lights with something different, something better! For example, if you have just a classic lightbulb hanging from the ceiling, then switch to an LED lighting system instead. A change like this can bring more light to your bathroom, brightening the ambience and making everything shine and look prettier. Another idea I really like is the idea of adding mood lighting to your bathroom. These days, you can get smart light bulbs that change color, change dimness, and so on. Installing these in your bathroom will really improve the lighting in there, and help set a relaxing mood for your long baths. Here's an interesting post I read recently on how lighting can inspire us.

Add some storage

It’s amazing how much clutter you can generate in a bathroom. You’ve got soaps, shower gels, shampoo bottles, conditioner, body scrub tubs, sponges, and goodness knows what else. That’s all for one person as well; the clutter gets even worse when you share your bathroom with multiple people! The main problem with this is that it makes your bathroom look way worse than it should. The overall design of this room might look stunning, but you have too much clutter covering it all up and overcrowding the place. With that in mind, one of the simplest ways you can upgrade your bathroom is by adding some storage. The best thing about this is that you can make it as complicated as you want. There are shelves you can buy to put in your shower, so all your bottles have a place to go. You can buy baskets that are great for storing things around the bathroom as well or simple storage units/shelving systems on wheels. Then, for the more complex and permanent ideas, you could actually buy bathroom cabinets and get them installed. Here, you get so much storage space without taking up too much room space. It all depends on your budget, and how much effort you’re willing to go through. Either way, with storage, you have places to put all of your bathroom clutter. It will free up a great deal of space, making your entire bathroom look so much better and cleaner.

Install new faucets

How long have you had the faucets in your bathroom for? In most cases, they’ve not been changed since you first moved into the home - or since your last bathroom renovation. A faucet seems like a tiny detail that goes unnoticed, but that’s just because yours aren’t drawing the right kind of attention! So, if you install new faucets, you will see an immediate change in your bathroom. You instantly brighten it up, and you can create a fresh new feeling in there. For this kind of job, you’re probably better off looking for plumbers to help you out, just because it can be fiddly and there’s pipework to concern yourself with too. Even if you swap your old faucets for the exact same ones, it will still improve your bathroom by giving you a more modern and crisp look. Personally, I like the idea of switching things up and installing faucets that are recognisably different from your old ones. This way, people will see the change straight away, and your bathroom feels newer.


This is a slightly bigger job than some of the other suggestions on this list, but it is also something that will completely transform your bathroom so it’s well worth considering. Whether you switch out your old floor tiles for beautiful natural stone tiles that add a touch of class or change the color of the tiles on your wall for something different, there’s no denying that new tiles will give your bathroom a new lease of life, bnot only changing up the room’s style, but also revitalizing it as a whole.

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Get a new shower head

Yes, this idea is very similar to the one above it. But, there’s a fundamental difference; installing a new shower head has more practical improvements for your bathroom as well as aesthetic ones. When you install new faucets, you’re mainly doing it just to upgrade the overall look and feel. But, swapping out your shower head for something better can do a world of good for your bathroom. Firstly, it will make a noticeable visual impact. You will see a difference right away, and it can be all you need to totally transform the aesthetic appeal of a bathroom. However, more importantly, it improves the function of your shower. An old head might provide terrible water pressure and hardly any features. With a new one, you can experience a more powerful shower that can be put on different settings! Consequently, your shower experience improves dramatically. It seems like such a minor improvement, but it will definitely alter the way your bathroom looks, along with the way you feel when you have a wash.

Swap out your old shower curtain/screen

Over time, your shower curtain/screen can become very filthy. Shower curtains are particularly guilty of picking up mould. Usually, this is hard to avoid as they get wet, and you can’t really dry them. So, the moisture settles into the curtain, which results in that horrible black and dirty mould. Needless to say, this can ruin the way your bathroom looks. Your shower curtain is probably something that draws a lot of attention because of the way it’s placed - and the fact that it’s quite a large thing. So, swapping it out for a brand new one will upgrade your bathroom right away. It’s a simple trick, but the difference is magical. The same goes for shower/bath screens as well. While they’re not going to get dirty with mould, they will still end up with some general wear and tear. Mainly, water spots start appearing, which does give off a stained appearance. But, the worst part is the seal under the screen, which helps stop water from escaping. These things can go black with mould if you don’t look after them. As a result, you can make a considerable bathroom improvement by swapping out your shower screen. Upgrade to something a bit different - there are loads of designs and styles available. Or, for a cheats way of upgrading things, just swap out the seal for a new one. I did that with my bath screen once, and it made the whole room look fresh and clean.

Use mirrors to make your bathroom look bigger

One final tip, and it’s short but sweet! Essentially, you should utilise mirrors to open up your bathroom and make it look bigger. If you have enough room, you could go for a small mirror above the sink, then a larger one across one of the walls. Alternatively, you could upgrade your bathroom mirror to something much larger. These days, you can get ones that literally go across the entire length of a wall! It all depends on how much space you have on your walls, but switching up your bathroom mirror or adding a new one will help improve the overall look and feel.

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See, it’s possible to upgrade your bathroom without calling upon a full-blown renovation. Choosing one or two of these ideas will give your bathroom space a new lease of life, and you save a lot of money and effort too.


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