Forgotten Cleaning Tasks To Tackle This Weekend

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Keeping your home clean is an ongoing battle, and you could quite easily spend all of your evening and weekends with your rubber gloves on and a spray bottle in your hands. As a result, many of us will clean the obvious, while forgetting about some of the things around your home that also need a clean. These forgotten jobs can soon build up, making them much worse to tackle further down the line. They can lead to problems like poor air quality, mold, or even pest infestations like termites or ants. The last thing you want is to call a professional from because you neglected to clean the bathroom properly. Therefore it's essential that you get these neglected jobs done.

Ready to get your home sparkling this weekend? Take a look at these forgotten cleaning tasks that will help you get your home extra clean.

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The washing machine/dishwasher

Your washing machine and dishwasher get used on a frequent basis, and all of the dirt and grime that goes through them can start to take their toll. Over time, your washing machine and dishwasher can start to smell, but it’s easily avoidable by keeping them clean. Clean your washing machine by tackling areas like the detergent drawer and your filter, while also using products that will clean the inside of your drum. A quick, regular refresh is all it takes to keep your washing machine fresh and clean.

Your door frames

Door frames can also become neglected - until you start looking at them closely and seeing those finger marks everywhere! Give the frames a quick vacuum to pick up any dust that’s gathered, and use a wipe or a gentle cleaning product on a soft cloth to get rid of any marks. Don’t forget the handles too - these can be a breeding ground for bacteria if left alone!

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Underneath your toilet

Nobody likes cleaning the toilet, and cleaning underneath it is one of those jobs that is easy to forget. But mould and dirt can easily build up, so you should aim to clean this area regularly. The causes of mold around the house are often down to poor ventilation and moisture - making your bathroom a prime target. Use antibacterial products to eliminate any issues that you see and remember to keep your bathroom well ventilated to prevent build up in the future.

House plants

There are some beautiful ways to decorate your home with plants, but it can be easy to neglect them after the novelty wears off. While you might remember to water your house plants, how often do you check that they’re clean? House plants can get dusty easily, so you need to give them a wipe down now and them to stop them from getting covered and creating allergens in your home. Use a duster and give them a regular wipe while you’re dusting the rest of the room.

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We all know that maintaining your home is a lot of work, but it’s worth it to keep it gorgeous and sparkling. If you’re organised, you can help to keep your home clean in 20 minutes a day and avoid having to spend your weekends tackling housework. Make a list of daily tasks and remember to add in the deeper cleaning tasks to help you keep your home fresh and clean.

Will you be getting your clean on this weekend?

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