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We all want to be efficient at one thing at least, I could probably hands down say that I’m very efficient at packing for my travels. Whilst others hate it and think that it’s a chore, I actually love it and it’s one thing I look forward to when I go on holiday. For some basic tips on packing, I have put together this short little post in hope it will be useful to those who find it hard to pack, especially for trips where you can only bring a small hand luggage.

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Use packing cubes

How I ever coped without these, I don’t really know, but packing cubes are a life saver when it comes to needing to have options with a minimal amount of space. I can literally fit so much in to these little zipped pouches and they fit nicely in to my suitcase. The ones I have are from Amazon and cost around £16. They are money well spent and you need to try these out for yourself to understand.

Decant beauty products in to mini’s

The regulations for hand luggage toiletries have been embedded for a long amount of time now and I’m pretty sure we all roughly know what it is. If you don’t, quick recap, we are only allowed one clear bag of toiletries (no bottles can be more than 100ml) and the bag must be sealed when going through security – simples. Do you find yourself spending a lot of money on mini beauty products just to take on travels? If yes, why not consider decanting your ‘already using’ products in to smaller bottles that fit nicely in to the clear plastic airport bags. I know the clear ones you can get in Boots or Superdrug are great, but I have something better to show you – M.O.B Collection bottles are honestly fab for travels. Why? Because firstly, they’re all labelled up, so you will never mistake your face cream for conditioner any more. They’re made from high density polyethylene which is the safest plastic around and overall in the long run, you will save money, which you can use towards your next excursion whilst away – what’s not to like?

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Pack shoes for all occasions

I have learnt the hard way with packing shoes for travels – the long and short of it is, you won’t wear every single pair you bring, so save yourself some stress and packing space by only selecting a maximum of three pairs. I would recommend one pair of flip flops for the beach/pool/spa, one pair of sandals for day/evening time and one pair of small heels for evenings out/bars etc and that is it. Don’t overpack on shoes, you really won’t wear them all.

Take key accessory pieces

For me, accessories complete an outfit and as much as I love taking a full bag with me, I really won’t get around to wearing half as many as I have hoped. Key accessory pieces, in my opinion include a little handbag, a couple of earrings, a few chain necklaces and a cute anklet for Instagram pics. Re-wearing the same pieces also ensures you get the most out of your investment, however big or small and it also means you save on space in your luggage for other things.

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What packing tips do you always follow to save space?


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