Simple Ways To Give Your Home Elegance

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From the way interiors magazines sometimes carry on, you’d think that most people opt to change their home decor every single season, but the reality for most of us is that our home is one of a number of competing priorities where we need to spend our money. We want to achieve a beautiful, appealing, elegant space where we can relax at the weekend, entertain our family and friends and feel at home, but we don’t always have a huge budget to spend on soft furnishings and scented candles. It’s a good thing, then, that looking expensive doesn’t have to mean spending huge amounts. It's very possible to achieve an elegant, deluxe looking home by shopping carefully and applying some simple design knowledge to your space. Add a few finishing touches and you will have a sleek new look without breaking the bank.

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Add Pattern And Colour Through Accessories

Many of us opt for a neutral palette when it comes to decorating our homes - it's easier to maintain and it never goes out of style. However, if you just stick to neutrals for everything, the overall effect lacks depth, complexity and style flare. It’s easy to overcome this if you add in some well-chosen accessories in richer hues and patterns. Going for a small area means a lesser overall cost - just one wall in a richly patterned or textured wallpaper can add huge impact, while using a discount designer homewares site to add in some beautiful cushions, or even a large area rug is a great tactic to inject some luxe into a space.

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Go For Maximum Natural Light….

The richest looking, most elegant spaces generally have one factor in common - lots of light. Maximise the natural light in your rooms by reviewing your window dressings - pale roller blinds or light linen or cotton curtains can keep you private while letting daylight flood in, while wooden plantation shutters allow you to control the levels of light and shade into the room. Using oversized mirrors is also a great tactic for bouncing light around a space and making it appear much larger and lighter, plus the frames are a great way to introduce design impact to a plainer interior.

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...And Plenty Of Artifical Light

As well as maximising natural daylight, designing a great lighting scheme for your space will definitely help it to be both functional and beautiful - the very definition of an elegant home. Most people don’t opt for enough separate sources of lighting, but having options allows you to create a layered, subtle look that can suit any need. Try a combination of brighter LED spotlights in task-focused areas, with floor lamps and downlighters in areas where you relax. A statement light fitting such as a cluster pendant or a modern chandelier instantly make a space look more expensive, while fitting strip lighting in bathrooms or kitchens goes a long way to giving that luxurious hotel look without costing the earth.

I would love my future home to be more elegant, how about you?

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