Keeping The Heat Out Of Your Home This Summer

how to cool down a house

As we are deep into the Summer months, as each day passes, the temperature begins to rise. Although the weather can be mixed in the UK, even when it rains it can feel hot and humid and it can get quite unbearable in our homes. While we can’t prevent the location and the fact the sun is beaming through the windows, we can use certain tactics to keep our homes cool. With that in mind, here are some suggestions. 

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Use your Air Conditioning

While it may not be good sense financially to keep your Air Conditioning system on all the time. When used sparingly it can help maintain the temperature. Using your AC can provide much needed respite from the heat. Especially on a scorching hot day. 

Keep your curtains and blinds closed

While the sun is out, it is advisable to keep your blinds and curtains closed. This will keep your rooms cool. It is especially good to do this in your bedrooms as this will mean the room is cooler for when you go to sleep. Not all of us have curtains and blinds in our homes, so it might be a good time to invest in this area of decor, and heading to a local curtain shop could help you find the right ones for your home. The curtains and blinds will prevent the cool air warming up with the sun shining through the window. 

Air your house 

Take advantage of cooler air first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This means you could cool your home and let the air flow through your home. This will freshen up rooms and allow cool air to settle. The temperatures do drop in the evening. Make sure you shut the windows before the air gets too warmed up though. As it will defeat all the hard work you have done by cooling the house down in the first place. 

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Keep doors shut

A great piece of advice would be to keep some doors shut in your home. Especially the rooms you want to remain the coolest like your bedrooms or your kitchen. This will stop any of the cool air moving to other rooms. 

Swap your sheets 

Are you one of those people that use a warmer fabric on your bed sheets in the winter? Make sure you don’t forget to switch to a cooler breathable fabric during the summer months, This will keep you cool in the night. When you are warm it can affect your sleep. If you don’t naturally change your sheets, it may be worth seeing if you can change them anyway. It may make a huge difference to the sleep you get.

Change your cooking habits

Finally, the last thing you could do is change your cooking habits. This means finding alternative ways of cooking than using the oven. An oven will radiate heat out as it is cooling down after the cooking process. Never mind the heat it generates while baking your food. Using a grill might be a better alternative. 

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Let’s hope these tips help you survive the summer in your home.


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