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We’re all so afraid of spending money at the minute, and rightly so. Well, afraid of spending money unless it involves booking a holiday, or buying ourselves a little treat. Then, we seem to have no problem tapping away with our card, until we realise how much we’ve spent. So now is the time to think about how you can spend more to save more, so that you can actually spend more on the things that you want in the future. There are so many areas of our life that will be draining our money right now, but we won’t want to invest too much into them, because all we see is that initial investment cost. But when you total up how much you’re going to be able to save in the long run, we promise it’ll be a ton. So if you’re struggling to realise some of the areas in your life that might be relevant to this, here’s how I think you can spend more to save more in certain areas of your life!

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Around The Home

There’s one thing you can’t escape from in life, and that’s all of the bills that your home is going to be giving you. It’s not like you can turn back time and go back home, you have to live that independent life. So you really need to think about all of the money that you could be saving, and one great way is to see if your windows need updating. We’re going to be out of the summer before we know it, and that means central heating season is right around the corner. But it might be that some new double glazed windows will save you a ton of money this winter, because the more robust your double glazing is, the easier it’s going to be to keep your home warm, without having the heating on high all winter! The simple trick of layering up would also help, but I know some of you prefer to be nice and toasty in your shorts and top, rather than wrapping up in your own home.

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With Your Car

Again, something you can’t really escape from once you’ve started driving because it just becomes a way of life. You wouldn’t be able to go from A to B using public transport again. But a lot of you will have older cars that are using more fuel, in the garage often, and just draining your money. So, why not think about getting a new one on finance. The fuel consumption will most likely be less, the tax will be less, and you’ll usually have a warranty deal that comes with it that will cover you for a lot of the problems that might come up.

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With Your Shopping

Shopping is a girl's best friend, and it’s so easy to spend way too much money when doing so. I’d just recommend that you have a look at websites that are selling resale clothes for cheaper, rather than going to the brand direct. Even just shopping on ebay is becoming a big trend, because you can get items new with labels, that might as well have come from the shop itself!

Do you have some tips on spending more to save more?


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