Taking A MinImalistic Approach To Your Living Area

minimal living rooms

When it comes to your living areas, we can all find that they can easily be the rooms in your home that can look cluttered and disorganised. This is often because you use these areas of your home much more frequently. But with the growing rise in the trend of minimalism, is it possible to take this approach when it comes to busy living areas? Here are some suggestions to help you make it possible. 

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Shutters instead of curtains 

Curtains can often be a great feature in the living room, there is no doubt about it. But they can also be a bit of a hindrance when it comes to making a window look cluttered. That is because they can in some styles appear heavy around the window. This is when you may want to look for a cleaner and tidier approach when to comes to window covering and this where shitters could be an ideal alternative. You can look for better prices by buying your shutters direct and they can often help you achieve that minimalist approach and overall design look you are going for. 

Decluttering and reorganising with storage solutions 

Clutter can often not be helped when it comes to a living room, this might be because you need to think about things such as children's toys, and other items you need to hand when you are using this particular space or room. This is when taking a different approach to your living area could be the answer. Getting everything out that you need and sorting through it. You can then look at creating new storage solutions so tna it can be easier to keep things tidy when you want a tidier space, but also still have the practicality when you need it. 

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Keeping things on the sofas to a minimum

Many of us can be a little guilty for getting a little crazy when it comes to putting things on the sofa, however, if you want to create a more minimalist vibe, then less is more. Think about only having the cushions on there that you need and also find a storage spot for things like blankets. You may need them as the weather gets colder but they don’t need to be out and displayed on the sofa when you are not using them. 

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Wooden flooring instead of carpets 

Carpets are cosy and warm on the feet, but if a modern and minimalist look is what you are going for then you may want to consider investing in wooden floors or laminate instead. They can be extremely practical, especially with young children, and it can still be very pleasing to the eye. Wooden flooring makes things look neater and cleaner.

Modern light fixtures 

Finally, lighting is everything but we can’t always rely on natural light, especially at night, so why not consider modern and minimalist light fixtures? This could be a main fitting that is simple yet elegant, or lamps that work well when you want a softer light.

Let’s hope these tips help you to achieve the minimalist approach in your living area. 


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