Enjoying A Stylish Garden In A Small Space

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When you see photos of stylish garden areas on Pinterest and Instagram, it’s likely you’re looking at big, open garden spaces that have had a lot of investment - not an ideal inspiration for your small garden. But never fear, small gardens also have the potential to look chic and beautiful - you just need to get creative!

Want to make your small garden a cool and stylish space? Take a look at some of the following suggestions.

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Venture upwards

Just because you haven’t got a sprawling lawn, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy making the most of space. You can add colour and beauty to your walls by adding a wall trellis to your back garden. Wall trellises are great for growing a range of plant and flower types and can help you create that ‘secret garden effect’ that will make your outdoor space a stunning hidden sanctuary. 

Get clever with your garden furniture

If you take a look at some small garden ideas, you’ll see that you can still enjoy some gorgeous garden furniture pieces - you just need to get clever. Cute bistro sets are perfect for smaller gardens, while you can also make your own easily enough from older furniture, palettes, etc. If you opt for pieces that can be easily folded up and put away, you’ll be able to adjust your layout as you wish, which is perfect for when you have guests or you want to enjoy more space.

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Create a low-maintenance lawn with artificial grass

Lawns can be a lot of work in a small garden - they need to be kept neat at all times to stop your space looking overgrown and scruffy. This is why many people are choosing to install a LazyLawn. They look great, they’re easy to maintain and you can use it to create a beautiful outdoor space for your home. Artificial grass has many benefits, so it’s a worthwhile investment for your outdoor space.

Enjoy beautiful lighting

Small gardens can really come alive at night, which is where good lighting can be useful. If you like a simple living space, then you’ll love the simple elegance of a garden that’s lit with some festoon lights or solar lights to help it shine at night. Get yourself a small patio heater or a fire pit and enjoy spending your evenings relaxing in your own outdoor haven. Outdoor lighting is very affordable, and you can always add candles and lanterns to create some extra ambience when you need it.

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Don’t see a small garden as a negative thing, see it as a challenge. There’s a lot you can do with a smaller space that will allow you to bring life and colour to your back garden and give it some character. Everyone loves having a space to chill outside, and whether you’re in the country or in the city, you’ll have a perfect place that’s all your own. Remember size doesn’t matter - it’s what you do with it that counts. 


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