How To Do Faro Portugal in a Weekend

what to do in faro

The beauty of living in the UK is that aside from all the great places in our own green and pleasant land to spend a long weekend, we’re just a veritable stones throw away from a host of wonderful locations in Europe. Whatever complications Brexit may bring, tourists will still be able to enjoy close proximity to a huge array of climates, cultures, sights, sounds and scents at affordable enough prices to enjoy a weekend away somewhere truly special. From the Ardennes to the Algarve, Europe has a plethora of wonderful destinations for the adventure hungry travel enthusiast (and the weary wanderer who wants nothing more than to sun themselves at the beach). 

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Hire a car

While Faro is fairly well serviced in terms of public transport, if you only have a weekend to play with you need to make every hour count. Thus, it’s advisable to rent a car while you’re in Faro. rates are eminently reasonable and will allow you to truly get the most out of your trip.

Golden oldies

To truly get a flavour of Faro, your best bet is to start your weekend by walking around the charming old town. Find somewhere convenient to park, put on some comfy footwear and get ready to treat your eyes (and your tastebuds) to a feast! Be sure to take in the cathedral, built to replace the 13th century church burned down by British troops in 1596. Entry into the cathedral includes the chance to climb to the belltower to take in a stunning view of the whole municipality. Don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of other mesmerising sights including the episcopal palace, the fascinating archaeological museum and the remains of Faro castle. You’ll probably want to recharge your batteries after all that sightseeing so be sure to grab a bite to eat in the three-storey market which sells all kinds of delicious local goodies. Head back to your hotel for a power nap before dinner and a drink or two in Faro’s uber-cool downtown.

Nature’s bounty by boat

Faro is home to all sorts of architectural wonders, but let’s not forget that Mother Nature remains the best architect. And you can see some of her finest works at Ilha Deserta in the Ria Formosa Natural Park wetlands. Book a boat trip from Porta Nova to see this host of sandy islets teeming with gorgeous plants, trees and bird life. As your boat trip takes you further out to sea, you might just see some of the dolphins and whales which are known to live locally.

An afternoon of art

Finally, finish your trip with a visit to the Galeria da Se near Porta Nova to treat your eyes to a wealth of local arts and antiquities. The Galeria is part gallery, part studio and part art shop and a great place to experience Faro through the sensibilities of its artists. You might even get to pick up some beautiful finds to take home with you!

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Have you been to Faro before?

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