Five Ways to Create More Space in Your Home

create more space in your home

People might grow, families might increase in size but unfortunately houses do not. Neither does it ever become cheaper to move, unless you’re planning on leaving the country. When you need a little more space for your growing family or because you need to create a home office, we have some answers for you.

In this post we take a look at five ways to make your home look and feel bigger without splashing out on an extension or moving.

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1 - Shift Rooms

If you’re looking at creating some space to set up your home office then you might benefit from re-imagining your existing room layout. Take a look at your master bedroom. It’s likely that your bed takes up the vast majority of the space here but what if you could move around some furniture and carve out a corner to accommodate a desk and chair. Or, if you’re planning on being really radical you might remove the bed altogether. Leave your clothes and wardrobes there but consider too that sofa beds can be comfy to sleep on every night. A drastic move perhaps but when you need to combine a home with an office hub, a solution that is practical and affordable.

2 - Change Perspective

If you’re looking to add the illusion of more space then you’re in luck. There are plenty of tricks and tips you can employ to add to the feeling of a wide open space. Start by hanging a mirror on the opposite wall from one of your main windows. This mirror placement reflects the natural light and acts like a second window making the space feel lighter and bigger. Generally the larger the mirror the better but if you are undecided on the size and style of the frame you might consider using a mirror that works well as a piece of art as well. Use mirror fragments to create a mosaic effect or use lots of different size but slightly smaller mirrors to create larger rectangle. Easy to put in place but nevertheless a simple and effective technique.

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3 - Think Colour Scheme

You might think that a room painted in entirely bright, light colours would be the answer but you might instead opt for darker shades if you’re looking to create a feeling of depth. Combine that darker look with some large pieces of art work to make it appear that there’s more to the room than first appears.

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4 - Accessorise

Ditch the overhead lamp and instead plug in a few uplighters and floor lights to create interesting light patterns and shadows. Using rugs to divide the floorspace will create the impression that there is more flooring and help to separate the living area out. Instead of shorter curtains or blinds, hang floor to ceiling drapes that create a gesture of grandness and even a little luxury to your living space.

5 - Declutter

You know you should do this anyway from time to time but when you have lots of little things lying around, it not only feels untidy it makes your space appear smaller and chaotic. It’s easy to let things build up and in a small space even a few items left on the floor can quickly get out of control. Utilise hidden storage under sofas and chests that you can hide toys and paperwork in. Your storage doesn’t have to look entirely practical. Mix it up with vintage suitcases and wicker baskets but don’t have too many that you can’t find great places to store them away. In an ideal world that lower floor extension or roof conversion would be the way to solve your space issue but unless you have a large amount in your savings squirrelled away or want to take out a home loan, this isn’t always the best option. Instead look at some practical, cheap but most of all effective ways to turn your small, dark, cramped spaces into light, airy open spaces. This might be by creating an illusion of light using your windows or mirrors or it might be that you take the plunge and transform your living space by shifting rooms around a little. Finally, think about having a grand clear out. Getting rid of anything that no longer serves a purpose and that you can throw away knowing that you don’t need it. If you are worried about getting rid of documents, consider scanning them electronically in case you should need them further down the line.

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Hope you found these tips useful!


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