How You Can Add A Touch Of Style To Your Home

how you can add a touch of style to your home

The decorating style seems to favour some more than others. It can be really easy to be but off of decorating when you don't feel like you have a natural flair when it comes to adding touches of style to your home. If you considered yourself to be a little bit challenged when it comes to style, there are some easy ways that you can use to add style without too much hard work. You will find that the more effort you put in the more your style skills will evolve and you will start to find it easier. Sometimes simply adding in textures and a bit of colour is enough to add a touch a styling to a room. 


Whether you just want a few finishing touches or are after a magazine-styled home, below are a few ways that you can achieve the look that you want: 

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Make An Impression That Lasts

When adding style to your home, making a memorable and good first impression goes a long way. A nicely decorated and well-presented hallway will make your guest feels invited into your home. Not only this it also set the tone for the rest of your home, leaves guests wanting to see more.  You should see your hallways like any other space and think carefully about lighting, colours used and furniture that you’re going to add. Just because it’s a hallway doesn't mean it needs to be boring so make sure you accessorise

Brighten Up Your Rooms 

When you see people interior designs appearing on Instagram and Pinterest you will notice that often a common theme is a fact that everything is bright. People tend to be drawn to brighter spaces and it’s a much sought after look for any home. Brightening up the rooms in your home will give a more fresh, clean style that is pleasing to the eye and practical. The easiest way to brighten up a room is to use white, it’s a bold move to use white on your walls however, nothing beats the crisp finish that you get from doing so. The great thing about using white walls is that you can change the theme of your room just by updating the accessories and colours that you have used with curtains, cushions, pictures,  and rugs. This means you’re able to update your look more often. 

Think About The Details 

When styling your home, you will find that it’s normally the finer details that have the biggest impact. You should look to add a bit of yourself into your home, so if you love to read create a reading corner, bookcases can add style to your home as well as show off the books that you enjoy reading. When thinking about the smaller details try thinking about, tassels, fresh flowers, accent pieces, and others, look to add pops of colours, texture, and warmth to your home. I was gifted this Yucca plant from Tree2MyDoor which looks lovely in my living room, this plant is a symbol of protection in Native American culture and is super easy to care for.

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These are just three ways that you can add a touch of style to your home, do you have any others that you can share in the comments section?


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