Research You Should Do Before A Holiday

how to do holiday research

Unless you are going to the same city or country time after time, then you are going to need to put some time into research before you book anywhere. There are many factors that come into play when deciding if a location is for you. It is essential to have a good idea of what makes your perfect holiday before you book anything. Photos don’t always tell the full story. 

So here are some tips to help you with your research before you book a holiday. 

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There are some destinations that are notoriously difficult. You are looking for the best method of getting from A to B. If you arrive at your destination airport, and find that the nearest taxi cab point is in the town over, and you have to drag your suitcase to them - you’re not going to be all too happy. So have a look at the ease of getting from the airport to your hotel or apartments. Check out taxi prices and is it worth renting a car instead. Comfort and ease are essential to kick off the relaxation properly. 


Thankfully we now have the internet, which means we are no longer relying on information from Sue’s friend’s uncle’s brother’s wife. We can google the destination, the hotel, the travel firm and find everything that we need to know in a matter of minutes. Many companies will offer up their own reviews too, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Reviews is one such place. This is great because you can get a broader range of opinions. 


If you are on a budget, you can check for all of the free attractions in the local area. This is even more important is you are looking to skip all of the tourist traps. Although there is a lot to be said for some of the most famous monuments and museums - so don’t discount them too early. If you head to Facebook, you can type in the city and find all of the attractions and events that will on while you are in the location. Often these sites are only used by locals - giving you an advantage. 


There are some countries that you are going to need to book vaccinations in a very specific time frame. You can check online for details about where and what you will need, as well as getting in touch with your doctors for more information. Some diseases that you have seen in the media only are epidemic levels in some countries - so know what you need and never skip on them. 


If you aren’t one for humid weather, then make sure that you pay close attention to the humidity levels. Because the temperature and humidity are different. You can simply add a country into your weather app on your mobile and monitor it over a few weeks to see what the typical climate is. You’ll then be able to pack much smarter. 

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The final thing that you should check is the typical tipping requirements. Each country will have a customary tip amount that is expected, and if you are lowballing people everywhere you go, you’ll be feeling slightly red-faced when you work it out. 


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