Tactics For Reducing Resource Usage In Your Home

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Water, electricity, and gas! Resources that you cannot run your home without. However, none of these things are free, and some are putting unnecessary strain on the planet. An issue that is causing massive shortages, and permanent danger to the environment that is beginning to affect the way we live negatively. With that in mind, reducing our use of these types of resources is essential. Happily, you can find out exactly how to do this in my post below. 

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Whether it's for drinking or washing, a home without running water is one that most people view as unlivable! Of course, this marks out water as a precious resource, one that we need to do our best to preserve. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take in your home to achieve this. The first is to swap baths for showers, and if you can reduce your shower time to as little as possible. Secondly, fixing even the smallest leaky taps or pipes in your home can make a massive difference to water preservation over the long term. Finally, collecting and reusing greywater to nourish your garden or wash the car is a fantastic way of saving water around the home. Something that can really help you to reduce your use of this resource. 


Most homes' primary source of power is electricity, making this another vital resource. However, the significant issue here is that a great deal of electricity still comes from unsustainable sources. Something that requires the use of fossil fuels to generate the power we use, and so making it problematic for the environment. Of course, we have two main options here. The first being to source our electric in a more sustainable way, by installing things like solar power panels on the roof of our homes. Something that allows us to generate clean, free, sustainable power, so we need to worry less about the volume we consume. However, not being lassie fair with the energy we use, no matter what the source is good practice as well. The reason being that it can help reduce fossil fuel usage, and also instil a more respectful attitude to this resource in general. Something that can only be good for our wallets as householders, and our plants as humans. 


In a home situation gas is primarily used for two things, heating water, and cooking. Of course, you may have all-electric appliances which means you don't need to worry about your gas consumption at all. However, if you are using gas in your home, it is worth knowing at least a few strategies for keeping your usage down. After all, natural gas is not a renewable resource! One way to keep your usage low is to limit the amount of hot water you use. Something that you can do keeping showers under 6 minutes, saving up to 60 gallons of water! Additionally, being savvy with the way you use gas for cooking can help. An example of this being choosing dishes that make the best use of all your oven space, which can help to make a small reduction in resource usage as well. 

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Hope you found these tips useful, let me know if you have any recommendations too!


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