The Ultimate Guide To Renovating On A Budget

renovating on a budget

If you are eager to give your home a bit of TLC because you’ve been neglecting it for a little too long, then you might be concerned about your finances. Home renovations tend to be costly as we are seduced by the luxury interiors that grace the covers of high brow magazines. While you might be tempted to succumb to trends, you need to think more about having a home that is fit for purpose. Just because duck egg blue in the hue of the day doesn’t mean that you will love it. Surround yourself with what you adore and create a unique and eclectic interior instead. Renovating on a budget may seem like a challenge but read on to find out how you can do it successfully.

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Kitchens and bathrooms are the go-to areas when considering a revamp of your home. The kitchen is turning into the hub of the home in the twenty first century. With a large open plan kitchen diner you can check on the kids doing their homework while rustling up a gorgeous dinner. You can catch up with pals over coffee. And you can send the odd work email in the evening. Kitchens, however, are expensive. Go to your local showroom and a fully fitted kitchen will venture into the thousands. Put a cap on how much you are willing to spend and consider looking at ex-display ranges. These may have had their drawers opened a few hundred times, but they will still look as good as new. Purchase one of these off the shelf and you could save yourself over half of the RRP.

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Save On Delivery

Many home renovations require large pieces of furniture or equipment being delivered to your home. In shipping fees alone, you could be spending a large chunk of your budget. Instead, consider the cheapest ute rental you can find to transport the vintage wardrobe that you found in the thrift shop and the dining room set you found locally online. Doing this can save you hundreds which you can then put towards the nitty gritty of your renovations.

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Add Ons

If you were quite happy with the engineered laminate worktop for the kitchen or the second hand retro leather sofas for the living room, don’t deviate from them. Just because you’ve seen alternatives at near double the price that are on trend, doesn’t mean that you need to have them. Instead, look for more reasonable alternatives to any high end look that you are after. Boutique hotel room bathrooms are chic and simple. Go for a light, bright floor to ceiling tile from a high street DIY store and opt for a roll top bath. Spend your money on the odd big ticket item to set your room alight, but then save on the adornments.

Renovating your home should be exciting, yet it can soon turn into a stressful monster of an undertaking. Go for what you love, take your time, plan out your scheme of works and do things yourself. Follow this guide and you can renovate your home without breaking the bank.


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