A Champagne House on a Lemonade Budget

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When your eyes are consistently bigger than your budget, it’s easy to feel as though your home will never feel like the luxurious pad you really want. With glossy magazines and catalogues coming through your door showing off new fashions and gorgeous items, you would be forgiven for feeling left out! 

When you have a champagne taste but a lemonade budget, it really pays to be creative. In fact, the reality is that you don’t need to spend a small fortune to create a beautiful house and nor should you. Smart shopping, understanding where you can find value and a few simple saving techniques can really make a difference.

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Start Saving

There’s no getting away from it - if you want to spend more on your decor, you need to save more elsewhere. Luckily there are a lot of ways to save and this article, Smart Savings To Make In Your Home, has plenty of ideas well worth stealing. For example, a simple switch from takeout to batch cooking could save you an enormous each year, depending on how often you like to indulge! The best way to save is to reduce your spending in lots of small ways. The very best options are always those that are relatively painless, such as reducing your resource usage. Simply turning the heating down a notch and putting a jumper will save you more than you might think. Similarly, swapping to a different provider and making the most new customer incentives will save you a lot. Once you have started saving, setting up a direct debit to your savings account is the best way to ensure that you don’t simply spend on other things! Again, you should try to make this as painless as possible, so it’s a good idea to set up the direct debit for either your payday or the day after to be safe. This way, you won’t be able to miss the money - it simply won’t be there to spend! 

Plan Carefully

If you have a particular scheme in mind, you should definitely take the time to plan how you are going to approach the design. For those of us who like to do everything all at once, you might want to save up and buy everything at once. This is a bold way to go about things because you might find that your ambitions continually outstrip your savings budget! However, it is perfectly possible to plan a design that grows with you. This way, you can start with some of the basics and gradually work towards the end scheme, replacing items as you go. For most of us, this is the easiest way to get to a desired look but it is also a sort of design addiction - there will always be something to change or alter. But of course, that is the real joy of making a home! The key is to focus on the layout first. You don’t need to have the perfect furniture and making do with a cheaper piece for now is a good way to start your scheme. By working out a good layout, you can consider how best to work with what you have and create a focal point for any room. While you will always have the dream scheme in mind, remember that you can always move things around later.  

Be Smart with Colour

One of the most flexible ways to plan a scheme over a long period of time is to base your ideas on colors and styles rather than a particular design. Colour is particularly good as, though colours do go in and out of fashion, the colour you choose will often outlive a particular style or design scheme. However, if you do want to achieve a particular style, it’s best to choose a retro or antique look as this will be easier to find second hand. When you choose a particular colour scheme for a room, you must keep in mind how the colour will look throughout the day as well as in lamp light in the evening. Painting testers on a few different walls is a good idea if you want a cohesive look but if you want a feature wall, you only need to paint here. Paint is actually one of the cheapest ways you can achieve an expensive look and there are all kinds of techniques you can use to create striking designs. If you are artistic and willing to have a go yourself, there are all sorts of ways you can turn a basic wall into a real highlight. Of course, a professional painter and decorator might be able to achieve an even better finish so if you have a little extra cash, it might be worth splashing out on a professional finish! 

Keep an Eye Out for a Bargain

When you have an eye for interior design and you are constantly looking at what’s new, it’s easy to forget that you don’t have to buy a ludicrously expensive sofa to get the look you are after. In a sense, reading about all this furniture can desensitise you to what is actually reasonable! But, if you are truly passionate about interior style, you will know this: the expense of a piece doesn’t always reflect the quality. You would be surprised by the amount of antique furniture you can find in thrift stores that have lasted well for many decades and are almost certain to continue to last for many more. And, when you can search online and find all kinds of intriguing items, you might find that your original idea for your home’s design changes to incorporate more of your unique finds. Keeping an eye out for a bargain and sticking to your budget can be a difficult balance to keep. It’s way too easy to be tempted into buying things we don’t need because the price is good. The trick is to know exactly what you want or need and to keep this in mind whenever you shop. If you do find that your head is turned by an item but you later decide that it isn’t for you, you can either return it or sell it on. Some bargains are definitely too good to walk away from and if you have a creative streak, you could decide to buy things and upcycle them, regardless of whether they fit within your own home. This way, you can make a small profit on the bargains you have picked up if you decide that they don’t really work with your own scheme. 

Let Your Style Shine Through

The most important thing to remember whenever you are curating your home is that your own style must shine through. There’s a lot to be said for glamorous living but ultimately, there’s not point in spending a fortune on a luxurious home if you aren’t going to enjoy it! Your home should always reflect who you are and not which magazines you have been reading. One lovely way to do this and create a luxurious feel is to create your own large canvas design and feature it. Large artworks always have a bit of drama and you don’t actually need to be an award-winning artist to create something that speaks to your sense of taste and interior style. Even better, you can make sure that your piece fits with everything else you have! Another great way to show off your taste is to collect items from your travels. Even if you pick up something really cheap at a market, it won’t be anything like what your friends have and will come with a memory attached. 

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Of course, the main difference between a styled room and a room that has been thrown together is the art of curation. Curating what you own and displaying it well will make your home feel far more luxurious than anything else. This can lead to some tough decisions about what to keep and what to sell on but when each item gets pride of place, it makes a huge difference. Unless you are a minimalist and really love a jumble sale style, a less is more approach will always look more expensive. No matter what your style or taste is, achieving the look you want on the budget you’re stuck with should be a creative challenge. While you should save as much as you can if you want to put more money into your home, the art of discovering amazing bargains and making much of your own decor will probably serve you better in the long run. 

The thing that links all the houses and other properties you see in glossy magazines is that they style on show isn’t a perfect replica of anything else. The more you can style in your own unique items and mementos, the more like you home it will feel. By using a few simple curation tricks, you don’t need to spend a fortune to show off. Style is in the execution, not the money you spend! 

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