How To Commemorate Your First Big Adventure

first big adventure

Many of us have adventures throughout the course of our lives, large and small. We may not think they can be defined as such. After all, we are not Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, diving into abandoned temples to withdraw artifacts while paying respect to the natural history of said lost city. While our lives do not function in the same way as Hollywood, that isn’t to say that adventure is simply never a possibility. It all depends on how you define it.

It might be that through travel, through challenging yourself, through getting in touch with your cultural roots, through presenting your artistry to a global audience or simply getting out of your comfort zone, you have undergone your first great and large adventure. What you may think of at this point is how to commemorate it. After all, while these memories will often last more and more fondly throughout your life, a memento you can keep close to your heart may be just as valuable.

So, from one adventure to another, please consider the following advice:

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A Tattoo

There are many that dislike tattoos, and that is perfectly fine. If you are open to the idea, however, you may find that a small commemorative tattoo can be a wonderful thing. There’s no reason to have your entire sleeve filled in or to opt for something very visible. Perhaps a small shell on your ankle, a love heart on your shoulder, or something else with symbolic important to you can help you forever remind yourself of how this experience shaped you. After all, if you’re different on the inside due to this, why not change yourself slightly on the outside? You may find it very worthwhile. Additionally, if finding a beautiful experience with a friend by your side, why not get small matching tattoos? For example, if you have both beaten harsh illnesses in the last year, something that confirms your resolute spirit and strengthened soul can always remind you of how you both overcame something challenging. To us, that sounds like a great way to celebrate who you are.

An Artistic Project

Following an artistic project may be the best measure of getting your feelings out there. For example, if you have spent a year living in a Spanish village while writing a book or visiting family or working in a comforting capacity, you may decide to write a short story about the place you have inhabited. Perhaps you can keep up a journal in a high-quality leather-bound notebook that you may keep for years after the fact. Painting, crafting a song, or exercising whatever creative potential you have can serve you in more ways than one, and here you’ll be able to enjoy that forever after.

Beautiful Photographs

Photography is a wonderful art. It not only helps you capture the moments that are most important to you, but edit them in a light that both looks and feels emotionally relevant, or promotes the means in which you also see the world. It’s not hard to see just how many people find this art restorative to their spirit, especially when taking time to travel and enjoy the world on their own terms. Also - through Postcard App MyPostcard, you can easily use this photography to find its way back to your loved ones in its most relevant and professional packaging, not only allowing someone to know you’re thinking of them, but helping you commemorate your travels and journey in a picture-perfect manner. This inquiry alone can help you enjoy the process of traveling much more, as it will train your eye to look at the beauty of the world around you, taking nothing for granted. Why not also create a photo journal to help describe your travels, head to a particular landmark to shoot it within your own styling and perception, or run an online platform in order to share your work and observations? With that in mind, you may find a benefit in:

Writing A Blog

Blogs are written for all kinds of purposes, from those seeking to give advice, to run a professional platform, or to develop a comprehensive online journal that anyone can seek refuge in. Why not focus on this latter option? Writing a blog using an easily formatted website design such as Squarespace or using WordPress templates can help you share your thoughts on travel, upload your photographs or videos, come to conclusions, recommend travelers like you visit or avoid certain areas, and more. The best thing? It’s becoming easier and easier to blog at will, meaning that only a minimal device, a portable keyboard that can plug into your phone or a simple tablet can help you post your thoughts and keep up to date with those who follow you. This may not be a simple travel blog, either. A weight loss adventure, your daily experience coping with a disease, your thoughts on the important journey of parenthood can all hold value.Who knows? You may set out to only write a blog detailing your thoughts, but this could become a professional platform that earns you a secondary income, or it may give you the chance to thoroughly give and receive advice. What matters is your approach, and how that may manifest in the best way possible.

Keeping Up Your Practice

One of the most engaging and enjoyable things about finding an adventure that sustains you is that, once done, you can start to focus on something even bigger, bolder, or more exhilarating. It’s not uncommon for parents, only a few years into their first child’s life, to feel the itch to have another one and to build the family. Sometimes, the biggest compliment you can give to whatever milestone you have is feeling gratitude towards the first, potentially moving forward to the best next step. After all, if we haven’t adventure in our life, things can sometimes feel a little duller.

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With this advice, you’re certain to well-commemorate your first big adventure, and to grow as a result.


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