Make Over A Room Without Blowing The Budget

make over a room on a budget

Decorating your home can be one thing that is never ending. But, it can also be one of those things that we don’t always have the budget for. New furniture, knowing what to do with old things, adding colour, changing a theme, it can all cost more than you realise and so you can then be put off by making any grand plans for your home. However, there are things you can do to make a room feel brand new without blowing the budget. With that in mind, here are what some of them are. 

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One of the first things you can consider doing is decluttering your home and the room that you are planning on making over. It can be one of the easiest ways to make some changes to your home. I would suggest looking at some of the furniture as well, it might be that making space for different pieces could be the ideal remedy. A tidier space can give you a blank canvas to work with and improve in many ways. 

Create a feature wall

A feature wall gives you the benefit of creating a new space without the worry of having to invest in a lot of paint and paint the whole room. It gives you the chance to create an eye catching feature and also allow a room to feel different with very minimal effort. It could be that you choose to use wallpaper instead or even pictures to create a feature. 

Make more of the window

The window is a natural way to make a room feel more light and airy, it can also help to make a room feel bigger so make the most of the one you have in the room. Open up the curtains or dress up the window with new blinds or curtains to give it a dramatic makeover. Shutters can be a great unique feature to a window and can also save on space that curtains may take up, this is when looking online at companies like The Great British Shutter Company could be useful. The window is a huge feature of any room, so making more use of it can help to give the whole room a dramatic change. 

Change one thing

Maybe you could do with changing one thing in the room. Often investing in one area can make a huge difference. It could be that you change the flooring, perhaps look at a different light fitting. It might even be changing the furniture or painting the walls. Whatever it is, you could make a big difference to the room simply by changing one thing. 

Create a different layout

Finally, who says you need to spend anything at all. Why not change the layout of the room? Try a table against a different wall, move a sofa, use furniture or accessories from other rooms to give this room a whole new look. There are plenty of ways you can freshen things up and they don’t require much money at all, only your time and visual expertise to bring it to life. 

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Let’s hope that this has given you some inspiration on how you can make a room feel brand new. 


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