Tips When Taking A Family Trip To Edinburgh

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Edinburgh can be a bit of a journey for most people who live further south of the country. However, it’s such a beautiful travel destination, that it’s definitely worth taking the family to at least once or twice during your lifetime. Here are some tips when taking a family trip to Edinburgh.

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Fly If It’s Quicker And Affordable

When coming up to Edinburgh for some, they might find it easier to fly up particularly if you’re coming from somewhere like London. If you can fly and it’s affordable and quicker than why not? When you have children, the last thing you want is to spend hours and hours of driving. This will only lead to stressed-out parents and children who are getting restless at the end of every hour. You might be spending more than what you would for petrol in a car, but when it comes to public transport, sometimes it’s cheaper to fly than it is to get a train.

Do Your Research On Where To Eat

There are plenty of great spots to visit in Edinburgh, and when it comes to eating, you want to find those child-friendly restaurants in Edinburgh. There will likely be plenty of places to choose from, but if you can scope out these places beforehand, you won’t then need to spend time having to find somewhere with your hungry children in tow. Make sure you book in advance, especially during the school holidays where it’s likely to get particularly busy.

Stay In An Airbnb

When staying in Edinburgh, there’s a lot to take advantage of in terms of accommodation. What you might find is more child-friendly though is by picking out something on Airbnb. It’s a great site where you can stay in whole houses that are being rented out by those who have holiday homes there or even to some degree, their own property. When picking a place to stay in Edinburgh, there’s no need to book right in the centre as everything is pretty much close by to one another.

Indulge In Some History At Edinburgh Castle

There’s a lot of beautiful sights to see, and some of the history in Edinburgh is wonderful. Edinburgh is the birthplace of the Harry Potter franchise, and so you’ll like see a lot of things that might have inspired J.K. Rowling and her novels. Indulge in some more history by visiting Edinburgh Castle. It’s a historic building that has existed since the Iron Age, so it’s definitely one place that is worth taking the children to explore. A lot of these historical places around the UK are only going to become more worn and weathered with age, so it’s definitely worth exploring sooner rather than later.

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Taking a family trip to Edinburgh is definitely a lot of fun, and there’s plenty to see and do while you’re there. Plan ahead and make sure you get a full weekend or activities done or stay for longer if you have the time.


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