Achieving The Perfect Eyebrows

how to get good eyebrows

All women know how important it is to ensure their eyebrows look great and are kept tamed. You can have perfectly polished make-up and beautiful hair, but if your eyebrows are a mess then people will notice them first. 

There is certainly no nicer feeling than having your eyebrows waxed or threaded - obviously not the feeling of the procedure itself, but the feeling you get when you look in the mirror and you see the beautifully shaped and defined eyebrows you now boast. This can make your face look fresher and give you a great boost of confidence. 

However, when you wake up in a few days time and you see your eyebrow hairs rearing off in different directions it can certainly be frustrating. But, it doesn’t need to be. All you need to do is have a trusted eyebrow brush handy in order to tame any hairs. A brow brush can come in extremely handy and can ensure that your eyebrows look perfect in a mere few minutes. You can also get other useful products for free at Love To Slay, including primers and eyebrow colour products too. Nevertheless, there are several ways in which an eyebrow brush can come in particularly handy. After all, it is your go-to tool when doing a bit of DIY plucking, shaping or styling.

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One way which it can come in useful is when it comes to ensuring that your hairs do not become too long. After all, not every single eyebrow hair is going to grow in sync with the others. Therefore, it is a frequent occurrence that you will have several eyebrow hairs which are longer than others. You can utilise your brow brush in order to cut your hairs effectively. 

Simply brush your hairs upwards and snip any which are too long, and then brush your hairs downwards and again snip any which are too long. This is something which you should do frequently. After all, no one wants an overgrown eyebrow hair sticking out of their otherwise perfectly shaped brows. 

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An eyebrow brush is also an essential tool when it comes to filling in sparse eyebrows. This is something which the experts say is an essential in the beauty routine if you want to achieve the perfect eyebrows. Of course you will need a pencil or powder as well. Nevertheless, your routine would be incomplete without your brush. This is essential in prepping your brows and finding those sparse spots which need tending to. 


Moreover, there are of course those brushes which are used to apply the eyebrow powder. These are known as angled beauty brushes. These differ immensely from the brushes previously mentioned in this article. Those utilised in order to prep and comb the eyebrows feature a double side feature with one simply looking like a miniature plastic hair comb and the other side with small brushes. However, an angled brush is soft and picks up your eyebrow powder so that it can be aptly applied to your eyebrows.

There is no doubt about it that having the perfect eyebrows can instantly make your face look fresher and you feel fantastic. Therefore, having an eyebrow brush in your make-up bag is simply an essential. 


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