6 Busy Girl Beauty Hacks

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Is Spring finally on the way or am I just getting ahead of myself? Either way, it’s time to start getting our beauty routines ready for a change and in tip-top game. So, in today’s post, I’ve complied six busy girl beauty hacks to get us prepared for the new season.

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1 – Stay Calm

We all want to embrace spring, I know that, and it is the best time to get started on new projects, welcoming new beginnings etc, but always remember to look after your well-being and as opposed to going full pelt in and burning out so early on in the year, remember to stay calm and take it one step at a time. Gabriela Peacock’s Calm Me is a calming formula helps to nourish at cellular level, calm the mind and soothe the body allowing for full on relaxation and revitalisation. Us busy girls often forget to relax when we need to, this formula aids the body for a restful sleep, in turn leaving us feel more balanced and less overwhelmed.

2 – Fake Sun

Feeling pasty and need that quick bit of sun? Always fake it, sunbeds are a no-no! When we’re busy, all we want is a quick and easy solution to get that bronzed look, so there are two products that I would like to introduce you to that does just that. First, it’s the Tan Luxe Super Glow Hyaluronic Self Tan Serum which not only gives my face a natural glow, it’s also super hydrating which is a godsend when it comes to post winter skin. For my body, the Norvell Venetian Self-Tanning Mousse glides on like a dream and produces a gorgeous, intense colour that resembles a week in Spain I’m telling you now. Not only is it easy to apply with a mitt, it dries quick meaning us busy girls are out the door (if applied in the morning) or in bed (if applied at night) for those much needed beauty winks.

3 – Pro Make Up

As the mornings get lighter quicker, I find it a lot easier to get out of bed, do you also? But why is that even though I get out of bed with a bit more time, I am still scrambling around and end up rushing to leave, who knows? Either way, an important part of my morning routine is to get my make up on sharpish, I recently started using the MUA Pro Base Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation and the MUA Pro Base Full Coverage Concealer which work together super well and gives my skin the coverage it needs to face a long, busy day. The formula blends in quickly and stays put all day without budging, perfect for running around, yet still needing to look in one piece.

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4 – Blitz The Blemish

Sometimes, I still get those pesky little blemishes that never seem to want to shift, but thanks to the Tropic Pure Lagoon Blemish Prevention Serum, it’s become a lot easier and quicker to get rid of them as I use this serum three times a week at night and it makes my skin smoother and clearer in the mornings which also means less cover up time with make-up therefore means I can get on with my day sooner, win-win in my opinion.

5 – Style Easy

No time to wash your hair, no problem, Styledry’s Dry Shampoo Compact Powder has got your back 100%. This nifty little powder diminishes shine on the roots instantly so no one will ever know that you haven’t washed your hair for five days, trust me on this one, it works a treat and perfect for those with super busy schedules yet still need to look put together (well, especially with the hair anyways).

6 – Compact Business

Busy girls = time is valuable, so we need to make use of what we got which is why multiple use make up compacts are a godsend. Tropic’s Colour Palettes are slick and easy to carry around in your handbag and you can also mix and match what you need inside. Bronzer, blusher, eyeshadows etc -  no problem at all, it can be neatly stored in the compact which you can just whip out and use whenever you get a minute.

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What are your busy girl hacks?



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