5 Earth Friendly Hacks To Get Your House Sparkling Clean

green cleaning tips

When your home is clean and tidy, you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable within the space. Many of us don’t like the idea of using chemical-heavy products in our homes, which is completely understandable. Many more of us are seeking to live an earth-friendly lifestyle. For a chemical-free and green house cleaning regime, be sure to check out these five cleaning hacks.

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1 . Green cleaning brands

There are some fantastic green cleaning brands on the market today to help you get your home looking fabulous. One example is Seventh Generation; all of their cleaning products are made with ingredients such as botanical extracts or essential oils. Here you’ll find whatever you need from dishwashing to laundry products, all using recycled packaging. Ecover are another excellent green-cleaning brand, providing a wide range of cleaning solutions all made from plant-based or other natural ingredients. The company famously designed the first detergent which did not include phosphate.

2. Raid the cupboards

If you’re looking to save a little money, why not use the products that you already have in your cupboards? White vinegar is a top natural cleaning solution; the high acidity content makes it an excellent remover of grime and dirt. You can use vinegar to clean your kitchen, your bathroom, or even to remove stains from your carpets. Baking soda is another great natural option. It’s fantastic for cleaning because it’s an alkali capable of dissolving grease and dirt. It’s completely non-toxic and safe so that you can use it freely around pets or children.

3. Essential oil

Essential oils are a fab idea to get your home looking and smelling great. Tea tree oil is a wise choice to rid your surfaces of bacteria, viruses, and germs. Lavender has strong antibacterial properties, too, making it another great option for cleaning. To use essential oils to clean, mix with a little warm water in a spray bottle, spray on, and get scrubbing! For wooden and chrome surfaces, try polishing with olive oil for a lovely shiny effect.

4. Re-use it

The cloths that we clean with don't tend to last long and getting through too many isn’t very eco-friendly. Next time that you have some sponges to throw out, try cleaning them with salt to remove the bacteria. After a good salt scrub, you can use the sponges again. Before you throw out old towels, consider cutting them up into smaller pieces to use as cleaning cloths.

5. Plants to cleanse

To free your indoor air of toxins, it’s a good plan to invest in a few house plants. Snake plants look very striking and are useful to remove chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde, and toluene from the air. Spider plants and Rubber trees make lovely choices for the living room. For the bedroom, try a peace lily. These release oxygen at night, so may help you to have a better night’s sleep.

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Regular cleaning is vital to keep your home sanitary and to avoid attracting pests. Most pest infestations can be prevented if you keep your kitchen free of food debris. However, insects such as spiders often enter the home, whether there is food to steal or not! In this case, some spider control could be in order (especially if you live in a country with dangerous spiders and insects)!

What are you green cleaning tips?


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