5 Easy Steps on How to Choose the Right Multivitamin

choosing the right multivitamin

Vitamins are vital in supporting the immune system and hormones. Your body also needs vitamins and minerals for healthy bones, tissues, and organs. A large proportion of vitamins required by the body can be found in our diets through healthy eating. However, healthy eating does not necessarily equate to getting all the nutrients your body needs. The body may also fail to absorb vitamins due to iron deficiencies resulting from other medical and physiological conditions. Individuals with digestive problems may also suffer from vitamin deficiency. While multivitamin supplements act as a backup to your dietary vitamins, there are no guarantees that the bottle you just bought meets your needs.

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With so many multivitamin brands in the market, selecting the right one can be a mind-bending task. The following are easy steps on how to find the right multivitamin:

Consult Your Doctor

For many people, self-medication with multivitamin supplements might seem harmless. However, it can be a costly affair if you buy a bottle of multivitamin supplements that your body doesn’t need. You will not only lose your hard-earned cash but also bog down your body with chemicals that it does not need. You’ll require a detox session while your kidneys and liver will have extra work dealing with the added drug burden. Therefore, visit a doctor who will determine if you have a vitamin deficiency. All it takes is a visit to a competent doctor to determine whether your vitamin deficiency is caused by eating a single meal a day or digestive problems. Sometimes all you need is a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, or fish oil supplements, not a multivitamin tablet.

Have a budget

A bottle of a multivitamin can leave a dent in your pocket if you walk in and pick any with a fancy name or enticing healthcare rewards. Depending on the manufacturer or supplier, some multivitamin supplements can cost well over the recommended price. In some cases, the prices are determined by the additives and fillers. Some manufacturers sell the multivitamin in combos. A vitamin E complex with calcium and iron combination may cost more than a bottle that contains an iron or calcium combo. Work with a budget based on the current market prices and your doctor’s advice. Be frugal in your spending and avoid incurring unnecessary costs. If possible, go for affordable Sign Up Offers for the best multivitamin supplements deals. Or even better, consider stocking them yourself using private label supplement companies in Utah. This way you be able to trial them and pick the best one to advise others.

Know what makes up your supplement

Read the bottle label or ask the seller about the components of the multivitamin supplement. If your body has a problem converting synthetic folic acid, avoid splashing money on a bottle of the same. Rather, go for natural sources of folic acids, such as legumes, broccoli, avocado, lentils, and mushrooms. Alternatively, you can go for supplements with activated synthetic folic acid. Ask whether there are additives and fillers. Know the actual chemical composition of these additional components to avoid a bad case of an allergic reaction. Inspecting the label will inform you of the Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) of the supplement. As a standard practice, always avoid products with unclear RDA.

Always go for absorbable supplements

The last thing you need in your body is a chemical compound that requires a few extra steps to start working in your body. An additional process needed to break down a supplement translates to more energy and more burden to your organs. Therefore, you should always go for activated forms of multivitamins because they are readily absorbed into the body. The difference between tablets of riboflavin and riboflavin-5-phosphate is their absorbability. The latter is already activated and easy to absorb while the former needs extra steps to activate before being absorbed.

Always follow the dosage

Self-medication is a common practice when it comes to multivitamins. Such liberty always comes with the added burden of discipline. The urge to overdose may seem overpowering. However, don’t be oblivious to the dangers associated with excessive amounts of chemicals in your body. These supplements contain iron, calcium, and other additives, which may damage your organs, including the liver, when taken in excess. Cases of constipation and discomfort are common among individuals who overdose. Too little supplement may not do the trick either. Always strike a balance between your supplements and dietary vitamins for the best results.


Multivitamin supplements come in handy for individuals suffering from vitamin deficiency. They are consumed to make healthy eating simple for individuals with vitamin uptake difficulties due to various reasons. However, for the best outcome, always understand your needs, work with a budget, and stick to the dosage. Reading the product label can make a huge difference when using supplements too.

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