Absorb Energy From Your Home

Absorb Energy From Your Home

Whether you’re committed to a 9-5 job, working uncertain and lengthy hours, or even working from home, peoples’ lives these days are becoming increasingly busy, stressful and exhausting. Your home is often the one place you can escape to and recharge, and it’s incredibly important to keep it as a place of sanctuary and relaxation, for both your physical and mental health. All too often, houses become an extension of work, with chores, cleaning and general household tasks getting in the way of your valuable time off. Below are some small but effective ways you can make your home feel just a little more luxurious, with an atmosphere that will rejuvenate you better than any spa or holiday.

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Incense and fragrances

Never underestimate the effect of smells on your mental wellbeing. Scientists have found that scents have the greatest effect of all the senses on memory and emotions, conjuring feelings with remarkable ease. Rosemary, cinnamon and chamomile are all associated with positive energy; you can burn them as incense to infuse your home, or even get special sachets for your drawers that will give your clothes that extra scent of luxury.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Combined with waking up to a beautiful fragrance, a good night’s sleep is an invaluable way to keep your energy and help you be ready for anything. To truly make the most of them, it’s important your bedroom feels like a haven - and most importantly, your bed. This is one place not to skimp; cheap, fraying linen can contribute to bad skin and stress. Instead, look out for ways to take care of your sleeping self, like percale sheets, and mattress toppers to add extra comfort. Blackout curtains are also a wonderful way to help yourself get to sleep.

House Plants

There’s nothing that replenishes oxygen and adds character to a room like house plants. Ferns need little light and are perfect as indoor plants, cacti and succulents are easy to look after, and small trees like Yucca can really make a statement, if you’re feeling adventurous. On the other hand, if you’re not confident making your own plant choices you can even get subscriptions which will keep you supplied with beautiful, living additions to your home.

Natural Sunlight

Alongside plants, sunshine is an absolutely essential natural source of energy and rejuvenation. Keep your windows clean to make the most of any sunlight you can get, and make sure to place paintings and photos on adjacent walls and out of direct glares, so they don’t fade and lose their colour! If your home isn’t blessed with an abundance of natural light, strategically placed mirrors are a great way to maximise this resource. Also consider painting your walls in beautiful pale shades to reflect light and increase the energy of your home.

Help With Cleaning

Even with beautiful plants, sunlight, fragrances and a bed fit for a queen, there’s nothing worse for your energy and health than a house laden with dust and mess. It happens to the best of us, and it can be hard to stay on top if it all, especially whilst working and living busy lives. It may seem extravagant, but don’t dismiss the idea of employing a cleaner to come and help you out. Most services now are surprisingly affordable - not just reserved for the elite among us - and they are respectful of your space and requirements. Give yourself the greatest gift of all, and the best way to restore your energy; a little bit of time.

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