Getting Creative With Home Decor and Adding a Statement Look

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Giving your home that extra wow factor can help you transform even the gloomiest and boring of rooms into a space that will not only make you want to spend more time there but also attract the attention of anyone visiting your home. If done correctly, you can even add significant value to your home too. However, when it comes to making a statement, the phrase less is more is something you want to bear in mind. Adding too much of the 'wow' in one place can end up having the opposite effect. If you are considering home renovations, you can be as creative as you want when it comes to plans to change rooms, add rooms or simply give your space a dramatic overhaul.

So what are the best ways to add a statement to your home that will help give your home that added wow factor?

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If you are wanting to add an extension to your home - this is the ideal way of creating something truly special that will help your home stand out from the crowd. If you are adding a single story extension use this extra peace carefully to be able to maximise your space and bring light into your home. Popular choices for people adding a single-storey extension are to increase the space in kitchens and dining rooms. Open up your home to the garden by adding patio doors that open outwards to increase your living space - if you have or can add decking this will help you add an extra something to merge your indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. Roof lanterns are a great way to add extra light to the roof for those darker days and create a talking point amongst family, friends and visitors to your home.


Flooring is a great way to really add a statement to your home decor. Liven up muted colour schemes with bold flooring patterns. Think patterned tiles for hallway flooring that screams ‘look at me’ paired with pale and simple paintwork and accessories that compliment your flooring choice not overwhelm it. For a quirkier look, head to Pinterest for tutorials on using pennies to make a different flooring option or even old vinyl records or even comics for something fun. There are so many options you can look for if you really want to make a statement when it comes to flooring. But don't forget, the more extravagant you go on the floor, the less you need in the room to balance it out and not detract from the statement you are going for.


So simple, yet so effective. Gone are the days you pop a lightbulb into your ceiling and add a light shade. Have fun with how you light your home and let your lighting choices speak for themselves. Chandeliers, drop lights, string light and LED spotlights, all work really well to add a new dimension to a room and really create a stunning look all on their own. If you are renovating your kitchen look at choosing adding pendant lights in your chosen style above a kitchen island. Or how about a light mobile that is almost like a piece of art suspended above your kitchen? For darker home spotlights in cupboards, kickboards and in the ceiling can help you to flood the room with light in a non-intrusive but still eye-catching way.


Different textures in your home will always be a focal point and not in a bad way. Think outside the box and be creative when it comes to your home decor. Go big or go home, people often say when it comes to making a statement but seeing as this your home, why not bring the 'big' indoors. Forgo the traditional paint or wallpaper on your walls. Think wood or even metal or how about concrete if you are going for the industrial look? Bring the outdoors in and use your imagination to create texture in the most unexpected ways. Blend it into your chosen colour scheme via accessories, full wall coverings or flooring as we mentioned in the previous point. You honestly will be surprised at how you can add texture in different ways by simply incorporating different materials into your home. Blend hard, cold textures with bright colours to really make the room pop and add an extra layer to your home and really giving it the wow factor in a completely different way.


A plain and bare wall is boring and lifeless, so why not transform it with a few simple yet personalized additions? A great example of this is adding bespoke photo mounts that allow you to hang up your memories and put them on display. You could also consider hanging up different paintings and pieces of artwork, or even posters of your favorite television shows and series. For big walls, a large-scale piece of artwork can be a fantastic way to breathe some life into an otherwise boring wall. However, you can also create gallery walls with several smaller paintings, pictures and decorations. For a more practical approach, you could consider adding wall shelves to place books, small trinkets and other personalized items.

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What tips do you have in getting creative on home decor?


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