Kerb Appeal: Does Your Home Need it? Here is How You Can Decide

kerb appeal

The first impression is crucial when it comes to buying a property. Whether your home is in a modest location or a scenic area like Tellico Lake, homebuyers will always look at the exterior before deciding to look inside. If the outside is unkempt and unappealing, it is difficult to convince anyone that the inside is any different. Therefore, it is important to improve the kerb appeal to attract home buyers.

The kerb appeal of a building is not limited to certain aspects. You can be attracted to the beautiful décor on the porch or the garden.

Your home becomes attractive to individuals looking at it from the street when it has a kerb appeal. If you are not sure whether your home needs it, here is how to decide.....

are new builds worth it
The fence

The type of fence you use contributes to its attractiveness. A home with a beautiful fence is appealing to look at, it is tempting to choose a cheap fence to save money, but that's not a wise move. Remember, security is essential in any property, and choosing a good fence will make buyers feel secure. There is a variety of quality and affordable fences in the market, including thuja occidentalis hedges.

Look at the exterior

A dirty exterior will not appeal to potential homebuyers. Therefore, ensure that your exterior is well kept to appeal to onlookers. Wash it regularly to avoid dirt buildup. Additionally, check whether any repairs are needed and have a professional attend to them. A dirty exterior will give your home a bad image, and there is no point in maintaining the inside and neglect the exterior.

If someone else is in charge of cleaning, explain to them the importance of cleaning the exterior part. Selling a home with a dirty exterior is similar to selling a dirty car. Potential customers will be thrown off by how dirty it looks, and they won’t consider other important features. One item that is impossible to ignore when you walk into a home is the front door. If you don’t have the money to install a new door, put fresh paint to give it a new look.

Don’t forget the roof

Don’t strive to have a beautiful home without considering its condition. Start by inspecting the roof to determine areas that need repair. No one will buy a house with a leaking roof. While installing a new roof will cost you a fortune, you can avoid the high cost by making timely repairs.

Most homeowners ignore the roof and try to hide the mistake with paint. However, homebuyers are keen and will not miss seeing the leaking roof. Your home might be clean, but small mistakes will turn off clients. Moreover, buyers will have your home inspected, and they will pay less for the home if they realise it has problems. Hence, you stand to lose more from selling a home with a bad roof than repairing it first.

adding value to your home

Apart from making your home attractive, kerb appeal is a marketing tool. It sells your home to potential buyers. Use the above tips to remodel your home without blowing your budget.


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