Ways To Travel And Still Pay A Mortgage

ways to travel and still pay a mortgage

Ah, the life of a twenty-something, when there were hardly any responsibilities. In some ways, if you could do it all again, you’d probably jump at the chance. After all, adult life is hard!

Take your current situation. You’ve caught the bug and need to scratch the itch that is traveling. However, you’re a grown-up and don’t have the same flexibility. With a mortgage to pay, the thought of long-term travel can feel like nothing more than a dream.

If only traveling and paying a mortgage was feasible. Imagine the fun you could have regardless of age.

Wait a minute - it is doable?!

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Find Suitable Tenants

The first port of call is getting somebody else to pay your mortgage while you galavant around the globe. As facetious as this goal may appear on the face of things, it’s pretty realistic. All you need to do is find tenants who understand the terms, and that you may come back at any moment. If they are happy with the arrangement and pass renter checks, their monthly payments will keep the bank happy while you’re out of work. You must be sure that the tenants are reliable and trustworthy because you won’t be able to deal with any fall-out if you’re halfway across the world.

Utilise Airbnb

A long-term tenant is the Holy Grail for travelers who have a mortgage. Of course, lady luck doesn’t always shine on you, so you may need to adapt your approach. Thankfully, the prominence of Airbnb has made juggling travel and homeownership far simpler. Once you locate storage in a nearby unit, you can begin to advertise your property as a holiday home. It takes a bit more effort, so you’ll need to be organized, but you can always find help. A friend or family member may be happy to do the legwork if they get a cut of the action.

Work On-The-Go

Long-term travel doesn’t mean that you must give up your job and change your employment status to unemployed. If you know anything after visiting numerous countries, it’s that communication isn’t an issue in 2020. Certain apps make it feel as if you’re there next to the person, so working on-the-go shouldn’t be an issue. Freelancers merely need to schedule their day accordingly to avoid being unproductive. Still, even if you miss out on a few things, working abroad is better than being in the office.


Last but not least, you can sell your home and use the money to pay off the mortgage. Yes, it’s the last resort because, as an adult, you hate the idea of moving back in with Mum and Dad. However, how much you dislike the approach depends on how much you love to travel. When the latter outweighs the former, you will do anything to continue experiencing the stuff that fills you with adrenaline and happy memories.

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In conclusion, there are several options on the table for travelers who have responsibilities. If selling-up isn’t on the table, you can still rent it out privately or on Airbnb.

What will you choose?


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