What to Consider When Buying a Period Property

What to Consider When Buying a Period Property

Many of us dream about a period property. The high ceilings, original features, living in a house with a history and a story to tell is a magical setting to raise a family. But there are a few things to consider before you start looking seriously for your new home. Buying a house can be a stressful experience at the best of times but what extra things should you be aware of when buying a period property? Read on to find out.

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Think about the cost of insulation

It’s always worth looking at the energy rating of any property you are looking at, but this is even more important when considering a period property. There are two options, generally speaking, when you are thinking about how to insulate an older property – external and internal. External insulation will maintain all the features inside your home, but you will lose some of the external features. Some of these can be replicated, but they will never look the same. Internal insulation has less effect on the character of your property – you will lose a little space from each room though with the plasterboard lining. However, many period properties have original fireplaces so you can always restore these to their former glory and stoke up that fire!

Assess the garden size

Many period properties are quite small or, even if they aren’t, the room sizes might not work with how you prefer to live your life. For example, big, bright kitchens that can be the heart of the home weren’t so much in vogue when people had cooks and would dine in a different part of the house! With that in mind, you might want to think about extending wherever you do end up buying so it’s worth looking at the size of the garden and land around the property before you sign on the dotted line. Will you still get the most out of outside space once you extend? Make sure you discuss with your agent what the situation is with the surrounding land and the options you have available for creating additional space.

Think about the drains

One of the main things to remember about a period property is that any work you have done might uncover a whole wealth of other problems – you might even have contractors who aren’t able to continue with the work they had originally planned until something is refreshed or replaced. Always have a big contingency budget whenever you’re planning to have any work done and get your property thoroughly assessed before you start digging anything up or knocking down walls. For example, have you considered asbestos? This dangerous substance is rife in old properties and you will need Asbestos Solutions Providers to make certain that it’s been removed safely and you can carry on. Similarly, often the drains are old-fashioned clay pipes that have been added to over time rather than brought up to modern standards.

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Period properties are stunning and can be a worthwhile investment. Be prepared to spend some money on work which, although no one will ever know it’s happened, will ensure you have a robust family home for decades more.


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