5 Simple Ways To Use Concealer

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Concealer is something that always saves the day, do you agree? I somehow can’t imagine my life without the stuff and my current go-to is Tropic's Illuma Light Diffusing Concealer. I flit between two shades, Latte (the lighter one) and Brulee (the slightly darker one). I use Latte for highlighting and Brulee for concealing imperfections and I absolutely love the consistency of the product. It's perfect for brightening, and radiance boosting as well as hiding any blemishes etc. It's also super lightweight and easy to blend which is always a bonus.

Over the years, I have gone through tons of of concealers and trialling different method, so in today's post, I'm sharing 5 simple and different hacks/ways to use concealer.

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Ensure your skin is well prepped before applying concealer by moisturising well (preferably with an eye cream). Concealer sticks to moisturised skin better and helps it last longer. The last thing you want is for your concealer to look dry and flaky.



Concealer is used to conceal mostly, but it can also be used to highlight. To use as highlight, it needs to be a few shades lighter to ensure you get an even blend. To get that extra oomph, add a bit of shimmer.



Remember that concealers do come in different shades, green to hide redness, yellow to correct skin tone and peach to conceal darkness. Be aware of which one you need when applying.



If you find that your lipstick is rubbing away easily, before you apply it, use a tiny bit of concealer on your lips. This will make lipstick last longer and application smoother.



Made a boo boo with eye liner? Concealer can save the day. Using an angled brush, place some of the product on to the tip and gently sharpen it out. You can also do this with eyebrows.


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What’s your favourite concealer hacks?

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