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at home salon treatments
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If like me, you enjoy getting your nails done every couple of weeks, a facial once a month and waxing every three weeks, then during this period in our lives, it must be a little daunting that that simplest of things we treat ourselves to become something that we have to try and do ourselves. Well, thankfully, we can do these treatments at home, as much as it will never replace going to a beauty salon, in this current period, we do need to fend for ourselves and just hope for the best.

So, in today’s post, I am sharing, four treatments that I do on myself at home which are quite easy to follow.

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I am a part time nail technician, so doing my own gel nails or extensions is something that I keep up every couple of weeks in general. The one thing, I do go to the salon for is a pedicure because I find that it’s a nice little treat for myself plus I have no patience when it comes to working on my own feet. Pedicures is probably the one thing I miss the most during this time, but thanks to a few tools and a foot mask, I have managed to somewhat salvage my little tootsies. I’ve been using the Rubis Toenail Scissors and the Rubis Push & Clean Cuticle Pusher to make sure my nails are nicely trimmed and my cuticles are pushed back. Then I treat my feet to Patchology’s Best Foot Forward Foot Mask to ensure my skin is all soft and smooth before applying a couple of coats of gel polish and then a foot cream to finish.


Not being able to have my monthly facial literally makes me feel so, so sad, but of course, it can’t be helped and there are more pressing priorities going on in the world right now. Skincare has always been extremely important to me as well as having a routine for it. I love pampering my skin, so I’ve been giving myself mini 5-minute facials in lockdown and the products I have been using include Curel’s Make Up Cleansing Gel to refresh my skin, then I apply a few drops of Tropic’s Elixir Age Defying Omega Oil and gently massage this in. Next, I pop on some eye gel pads, I particularly love Patchology’s Illuminating Eye Gel Pads because they feel so cooling when applied and does leave the skin under my eyes looking brightened. I then use a couple of pumps of Murad’s Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum to lock in that moisture, firm and minimise fine line, then I finish off with a generous layer of Temple Spa’s Repose Aromatherapy Resting Cream because it’s super nourishing, smooths wrinkle and calms the skin. It also helps that it smells incredible, just like when you’re in a spa.

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Hair Removal

I am very low maintenance when it comes to hair removal, I have one of those lucky genes where I don’t actually have much body hair, therefore I don’t have regular salon appointments for waxing. But I do religiously have my eyebrows and upper lip threaded and keep up with my three-weekly appointments all the time. In substitution for my regular threading, I’ve been using the Veet Face Wax Strips which are an absolute godsend. They’re so easy to apply and cause no irritation whatsoever. I simply warm a strip up by rubbing it between my palms, stick on the area where I need to wax and pull off, it leaves barely any residue. To finish off, each pack contains some moisture oil sheets that can be used after hair removal to soothe the skin and I also layer on some Rapid Brow Enhancing Serum to soften the hairs and  Veet also do body wax strips too so if you do get your legs or arms wax regularly, then definitely check out the body range.



Spray tans are generally a treat, more than a necessity beauty treatment for me, so doing home tanning isn’t something that I was afraid of. There are so many amazing tanning brands out there that can help achieve a flawless glow, but I do understand that those who have them regularly love the salon effect and of course, it’s fast and you get an all-round even colour at all times. Home tanning isn’t too hard though, despite it taking a bit more effort and you may need the help of a back mitt or another member of the household. I’m currently loving the Sienna X 1 Hour Self Tan Tinted Mist for my body and the Isle Of Paradise Dark Self-Tanning Drops for my face, both of them work so well on my skin and give me the most gorgeous tan. The mist almost feels like you’re in a salon and it’s also gentle on the skin and doesn’t leave a sticky layer. As for the drops, I add a couple of drops to my face moisturiser and leave on overnight, it works perfectly and doesn’t clog my skin. The drops can also be used on the body, by adding to a body moisturiser, I haven’t tried this yet though, but I’m sure it will work just as great especially if you’re looking to create a gradual tan over a few days.

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Have you been improvising and doing some home salon treatments?



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