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#AD - This post is in collaboration with Rabot 1745

rabot 1745 hand care

With the excessive amount of washing and sanitising lately, there is no doubt that the skin on our hands are taking quite a bit of battering due to the drying formulations of anti-bacterial handwash/wipes and disinfectants. Thanks to the cosmetic alcohol inside these items, all the germs are washed away, keeping bacteria at bay, but when our skin is exposed to it excessively, it can dehydrate causing dryness and, in some cases, cracking and soreness of the skin.

What’s the best way to care for your hands right now? Just like skincare on the face, I would treat them with some hydration and nourishment, so I have teamed up Rabot 1745 to talk through how to use their hand products to ensure the skin on your hands are well cared for.




Inspired by St Lucia, Made In The UK”, Rabot 1745, the brand, launched in October 2018 and all their products are powered and infused by cacao (perfect if you’re a chocolate lover). Discovered in the same place as Hotel Chocolat, founder of Rabot 1745 Andrew Gerrie (ex-Lush director) was invited to experiment with the rich cacao collection on the Rabot estate in St Lucia. After crafting a range of natural and nourishing cacao beauty products, the birth of Rabot 1745 happened. The collection is described as ‘the essence of our cacao estate in St Lucia, bottled’.

rabot 1745 hand cream
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The hand range contains a hand wash, hand scrub, hand gel and a selection of two hand creams. They all have the same ability to push in and retain moisture on the skin which is great not only for a time like now, but also for you want to maintain and look after your skin on a regular basis.

My handwash routine now consists of washing with the Cacao & Aloe Vera Handwash, this smells absolutely incredible and contains all the anti-bacterial goodness whilst calming and soothing as it cleanses. Then taking a small blob of the Avocado & Sour Orange Hand Scrub, I gently exfoliate and pamper my skin, the mix of avocado and sour orange creates a refreshing feel whilst continuing to hydrate. Lastly, drying off my hands and applying a small amount of either the Cacao & Coconut Hand Cream or the Cacao & Wild Honey Hand Cream is enough to keep my skin on my hands hydrated for hours.

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How has your skin been through all the washing and sanitising? If it has suffered, what have you been using to moisture and hydrate it?


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