Important Questions To Ask Yourself When Clothes Shopping

important questions to ask yourself when clothes shopping

The next time you're thinking about clothes shopping, think twice before parting with the money in your bank account. While there is nothing wrong with you wanting to hit the refresh button on your look, you should still stop, think, and ask yourself some very important questions first.

Here are just a few of the questions that you should ponder on when you're looking online or if you're at your local clothing store.

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Am I buying this for me?

By which we mean, are you intending to buy something because you think you will look good in it, or are you buying it to please somebody else? While there is nothing wrong with buying an outfit to please your boyfriend or to impress your work colleagues, you should still make sure you are buying something that you will be happy wearing. Otherwise, what's the point? So, in all of your choices, be sure to put your needs and tastes before anybody else's!

Was this made responsibly?

The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. Not only do some companies create products that are made from unsustainable materials, but the methods used to create them are sometimes bad for the environment too. So, when clothes shopping, we urge you to think carefully about what companies you support. When shopping online or off, visit those places that sell sustainable clothing, as you will be doing the world a favour if you do. And research clothing companies online. If you discover any that are less than eco-friendly within their practices, make the conscious decision to only buy from those brands that are kinder to the environment.

Will I wear this again?

Think of this in two ways. Firstly, will the piece you are looking at continue to trend into the future? Many clothing stores reduce the prices on those pieces that are about to go out of fashion. This might not matter to you if you don't care about following trends, but if you do like to be a follower of fashion, think twice before spending, as you will only waste your money if you relegate the item to your recycling bin later. Secondly, consider why you are intending to buy something. If you are buying something to wear for a particular event, such as a work party or a wedding, consider how likely it will be that you will wear the piece again afterwards. If you're unlikely to, you might want to buy something that you will be able to wear for multiple occasions instead, as you won't waste your money this way.

Can I afford to buy this?

Sure, you might see something that looks nice, but if your funds are running low, you shouldn't give in to temptation. Instead, find ways to shop according to your budget. Visit discount stores, wait until the end-of-season sales start, and check out the charity shops in the posher parts of your town. You might want to have a clothes swap party with your friends too, as you will all have something new to wear this way, or you could repurpose your old clothes and turn them into something new. Any of these options are better than bankrupting yourself for the sake of having a new outfit to wear!

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Thanks for reading, and happy mindful shopping!


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