The One Timeless Fragrance You Need

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sarah jessica parker born lovely

Much like my wardrobe and make up, when spring/summer comes in to action, the fragrances I wear also makes a switch. I definitely prefer, the lighter, fresher, and floral scents when the weather is warm, and of course, versatility is a must as always.

Step forward, Sarah Jessica Parker, Born Lovely.

I am an avid fan of SJP’s original Lovely perfume which is one of my top five most loved fragrances. She also brought out Sheer Lovely which I also adore and her latest addition Born Lovely is the perfect medium between the two scents and I am absolutely in love.

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The bottle shape has never changed, all the fragrances are housed in a glass, tear drop shaped bottle complete with a simple, delicate bow attached to the lid.

Born Lovely is inspired by the loveliness that all women are born with. It ‘captures the youthful elegance and grace of modern femininity’. With base notes of patchouli and cedarwood, heart notes of freesia and honeysuckle and top notes of mandarin and peony, Born Lovely is a burst of lush florals upon each spritz. The scent is fresh, radiant and lively, exactly what we all need for spring/summer. It’s the perfect every day perfume and can be built up if needed, I love the clean, looking bottle, as with the other two perfumes in the collection and it looks ever so classy on my fragrance cabinet.

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If there is one scent I recommend in this current moment, it will definitely be Sarah Jessica Parker’s Born Lovely. What perfume is your spring/summer go to?

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