Eight Rules For Choosing Accessories

how to choose accessories

Accessories are a great way to add something extra to your outfits. Whether you want a budget way to refresh your looks, or just to add a pop of something else, getting your accessories right can elevate an outfit, and make you feel more put-together, more stylish, or more fun. Here’s how to accessories the right way.


Choose only three or four large pieces. Mixing large pieces, like chunky bangles, statement earrings, or glasses with large frames, can look great, but piling on too many can end up looking confused. Let your carefully chosen accessories shine, and don’t overpower them by piling on too many large pieces at once.


Only use a full matching set if the pieces are small. A fully matched set of large pieces can look too much. You’re not on the red carpet, and don’t need huge stones in both necklace and earrings. Smaller pieces an be worn as a matching set, however, as this looks put-together, and not dated.


Forget the rule that your handbag should match your shoes. This rule is a classic, but it’s out-of-date. For a more modern look, throw this rule out. Instead, choose something that complements, not matches. A contrasting shoe and bag combination can look great.


Embrace your glasses. If you wear glasses, view them as an accessory. Shop online to find frames that suit your style. You’ll feel more confident in them, and your glasses can top off an outfit instead of competing with it. Whether you opt for something discreet, or large statement frames, choose a style you love and you’ll enjoy wearing them.

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Contrast the outfit. If you’re wearing a plain outfit, you can let your accessories do the talking. A dress in a plain colour and a simple cut is a great base for some dramatic accessories and will show off a beautiful necklace or a set of large earrings to great effect. If your outfit is more dramatic, keep the accessories simple to stop them competing. If your dress is all drama, with a strong print or vibrant colour, choose items like simple stud earrings, or a thin bracelet to let the dress really shine.


Don’t be scared of colour. Accessories can be a great way to add a pop of colour. Don’t always reach for black or neutral accessories. Reds and pinks looks amazing against black or navy outfits, for example. Choose colour to stand out.


Theme your outfit. A simple outfit can be made to feel modern, classic, or vintage very easily by your choice of accessories. For example, a fit and flare dress can be styled with a vintage handbag and a brooch, and will seem like a vintage look, or can be dressed up with spike heels and a studded clutch, and suddenly feels very modern.


Try metallics. If you aren’t what colour accessories will best with an outfit, try a metallic. This looks modern, and will work with lots of different styles, without adding the wrong colour.


Hope you found these accessory tips useful, let me know what your favourite accessories are.


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