Say Goodbye Forever To Those Expensive Household Bills

how to control household bills

Love them or hate them (and let's be honest, it's the latter), your household bills are never going to disappear from your life. They are a necessary burden, so despite your efforts to keep the mailman at bay, know that he will always find a way to make sure your bills end up in your mailbox.

But while you can't wave a permanent goodbye to your household bills, you can say farewell to the expensive nature of some of them. By following these suggestions, you will cut costs and have less need to cower in fear every time the mailman makes his way to your home.

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Follow sensible habits

Sometimes, we only have ourselves to blame for the high cost of our utility bills, so the onus is on us to live a more sensible lifestyle. If you can find ways to use less water and energy, you will see a reduction in your bills. So, you might spend less time in the shower than you do normally, and you might resist the urge to fill your bath to the brim. You could unplug your appliances when they are fully charged, and you might make it a habit to wear warmer clothes before turning on the heating. These are just a few ideas, but for more tips, check out our previous article on reducing resource usage in your home.

Make money-saving switches

If you're still using traditional light bulbs, make the switch to LED bulbs, as they are both cost and energy-efficient. If you're still reliant on a domestic oil tank for heating, you might want to consider the cost benefits of an oil to gas conversion. If you haven't changed your utility provider in a long time, you might want to switch to a cheaper provider after doing a price check on an online comparison site. And if the windows in your home are less than energy-efficient, you might want to replace them with something double or triple-glazed, as you will then have less need to turn up your heating on a regular basis.

Call your billing companies

Your billing companies love to take your money, so in most cases, they will do what they can to keep you as a customer. Use this to your advantage and talk to them. So, call your electric company and ask to be put on a cheaper tariff. It might be that you used to be on a cheaper tariff, but as prices can change, you might be on a less than favorable deal at the moment. Call your phone company too, as you might be paying too much for services you don't need, so talk to them about making a switch to another deal. If you're out of your current contract, this shouldn't be too difficult. And give your insurance company a call, because it might be that you are paying for coverage that isn't required, so talk to them about your needs and try to lower your insurance costs.

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By taking these steps, you should lower your household bills. So, consider our suggestions, and then commit to further research to find further ways to reduce your regular expenses.


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