Solo Travel Hacks You Cannot Ignore

solo travel tips

If you love nothing more than scratching your wanderlust itch, the chances are you are ready for your next solo adventure. However, Covid-19 has come along and scuppered your plans. While you might feel depressed and you wallow in your own travel-limiting misery, use this time to plan your next solo travel jaunt. Don’t assume that because you have to remain indoors for much of the time at the moment, you can’t prepare for your next adventure. Try to use this time to investigate potential new destinations to visit, new cultures to immerse yourself in, and new vistas that you might want to see in real life. Take a look at these solo travel hacks that you cannot ignore.

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Itinerary Planning

In these times of uncertainty, it pays to put a bit of extra planning into your travel adventure. While you might be used to flying somewhere on a whim to then be spontaneous with your travel plans, now is the time to be a bit more organized. Think about heading onto flight comparison websites and check out the sorts of itineraries you can build. Multi-stop trips mean that you can take in more sights and sounds all at once. If you are heading to the Far East, why not check out Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China? Or how about an Australia and New Zealand jaunt? You never know, you might need to check out the expat tips on Expatra if you love your destination so much, and you want to put down roots. Reserve your accommodation on one of those sites that don’t take money upfront and allows you to cancel with forty-eight hours notice. This gives you more freedom to swap and change your plans.

Pack Light

You don’t want to be bogged down with a large hard-backed suitcase. This sort of luggage is fine for an all-inclusive resort where you don’t plan on leaving the resort for a fortnight. However, if you are travelling every three or four days to a new hotel or region, you need a front-loading backpack. Go for something with a capacity of a maximum of forty litres. This will help you to pack light. Five or six days worth of clothes is ideal. You will have to get used to washing your clothes as you go along. Pack a pair of shoes and wear another, and always consider buying what you need once you’ve landed. Packing light means you can take your holdall in the cabin, you don’t waste time on check-in, and you can keep your valuables and belongings on you at all times.

Learn The Language

If you are hot-footing it somewhere off the beaten track, you won’t be able to get away with presuming that everyone will speak English. This is pretty arrogant anyway. Be a more considerate traveller and try to learn some of the language. This can help you develop better relationships with the locals. You can converse on a more meaningful level and you might even find a hidden gem of a restaurant or landmark free from tourists.


Follow this guide and start planning your next solo jaunt now. Before long, you will be hot-footing it to your next adventure.



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