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It’s no secret that I like a lipstick or ten, I love trying out different shades in shops or browsing all the swatches online. With so many lipstick brands on the market, I have found myself leaning more towards natural brands, mainly due to the ethos and of course the ingredients used. I can be a bit of a lipstick geek and there is a criteria that lipsticks have to have before I recommend them and that includes, texture, packaging and ingredients.

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Step forward, Axiology, the natural lipstick brand you need to know about. The formula of their lipsticks are smooth, creamy and feel great on my lips. The packaging is uber cute, absolutely love the stunning gold casing. Axiology lipsticks are all vegan and organic, therefore, there are no potential harmful ingredients involved. It’s very important nowadays to be aware of what you’re putting on your lips and Axiology are completely natural. I love the fact that they also have such a great colour range and all lipsticks have a gorgeous citrusy scent.

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Have you tried Axiology before or any other natural lipstick brand?


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