5 Top Tips for a Comfortable Summer Look

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This summer is not like any other. With all the current travel restrictions in place and the social distancing measures still getting in the way of the perfect BBQ, there might be some adjustments to make to your wardrobe. And what better time is there to show off a well-crafted athleisure outfit? There has never been as much stylish activewear choice out there, so let’s make the most out of it!

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Pick Your Accessories Wisely

Even if you are all in for a gym-to-street outfit that allows you to feel active and stylish at the same time, accessories do count. While some celebrities seem to be able to pull off statement jewelry along with their activewear, there are other accessories that you could wear more comfortably. Start by investing in a pair of sunglasses that can complement your summer look. A stylish backpack and a Fitbit can also be appealing accessories to make your activewear more suitable for other occasions. If you're unsure of what Fitbit to get, I found this interesting article that will give you an overview of one of their most popular models, hope this can help you pick a right one to fit.

Materials Count

There are many differences between leggings and yoga pants. While they might look similar in many aspects, you should not be wearing them interchangeably. The former are often made of sheer or see-through materials that might not complement your look as well as you thought. Yoga pants and tops and shorts are designed to be worn on most occasions, offering you the highest comfort and coverage levels. When shopping for activewear, make sure the fabric your clothing items are made of is sweat-wicking, weather-resistant, and thick enough to be worn without additional layers.

Find the Best Fit

When you are shopping for skin-tight pants or tops, finding the perfect fit for your figure is paramount. Indeed, you might be wearing such outfits on many occasions, even outside the gym or beyond the mat. Therefore, you should feel comfortable and confident while wearing such clothing. Luckily, some revolutionary brands have got you covered! Find out more about the clothes that will give you that much-sought-after freedom of movement while resulting in a stylish outfit.

Don’t Underestimate Pockets and Zippers

In the gym, everything you need is to have a tiny pocket to keep your locker key safe. However, if you are out and about the streets of your city or have a drink planned with your friends, you might need to carry a phone, keys, and money. Some activewear is smartly equipped with zippered pockets that allow you to keep all of your valuables safe while enjoying no movement restriction and optimal comfort.

Mind the Colour

Summer is a synonym of colours in many ways. Your wardrobe should not be different, and refreshing your look has never been easier with the wide range of athleisure collections. You can opt to invest in a mono-colour set or mix and match your tops and bottoms. However, don’t forget that bright colours might be perfect for a shopping trip in town, but they might not make you feel comfortable when enjoying a drink with your friends. Investing in fewer, but higher quality items that allow you to match them with other items in your wardrobe is vital.

raining cake fashion blogger

What are your go-to gym clothing essentials?


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