Seven Signs You Have Wanderlust

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Imagine sitting at work and doing nothing but think about the holidays you could take in the countries with the white-sugar beaches. We know you do it, you know you do it - but if this is an everyday occurrence, you know you have the travel bug. The problem with the travel bug is that it can get expensive to have such wanderlust! You can see yourself on those beaches with those cocktails, but how can you be sure that wanderlust is truly in your veins?

Well, I've got seven very clear signs that you are living in the land of the Desperate To Travel! Let’s take a look:

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You Know You Can Travel Light. If you’re planning to go long-haul, you have done enough research to know how to pack as lightly as possible so that you can go with one case and a carry-on item instead of three cases and more. You need your passport to hand, a few essentials and you’re raring to


You Don’t Care How You Get There. Most people prefer to plan their holiday to a tee, and while some are happy to book a flight, you don't care what you have to do to get van insurance, you are heading on the road and you plan to enjoy it! No matter the mode of transport, you want to travel - your heart belongs in the clouds, not the runway!


You Can Be Frugal. Sure, you could sleep in luxurious accommodation and fly business class, but you know that for long trips you need to make your money stretch - and you are excellent at that! Being frugal is the key to travel, and if you have the wanderlust gene you know that you can travel and spend a little, not a lot.


You Know How To Live In The Moment. At any moment, you are happy to get up and book a flight. You want to know what’s out there and while you know it’s nice to have the goal to own a home, you’d much rather spend your cash on experiences and not mortgages.


You Are Gagging To See It All. There is a whole world out there, and from the confines of your office you are desperate to book a break and see everything. You know that there are new foods, new cultures and new places to see, and you’re ready to discover it all.


Where You’re Going, You Don’t Need A Plan. All you need is the money for a ticket and an idea of where you want to go. You don't need to have a huge amount of prep work and research done; all you need to know about your trip is that you are going on it!


You Embrace The Differences. Languages aren't a barrier for you. Cultures that are new are not a barrier for you, either. You are excited by the idea of immersing yourself in a new culture, and you’re ready to get going.

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Wanderlust gives you the drive to see the world - are you ready for adventure?


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