Surviving Lockdown And How I Coped

how to cope through lockdown

It’s been a long three months I must say. Adjusting to this new normal is going to be hard for everyone, but I am determined to get back some sort of normality real soon. Lockdown has been a weird period of time for me, something that no one could have predicted of course. I had left my job at the end of January to pursue a new venture in which I spent the whole of February preparing for, then in March, I was offered a good mix of professions that suited me right down to a tee and then boom, Corona hit and that was it, everything was put on hold and we all had to adapt to this new way of living for the time being. As much as I am good with change, I was worried, not just for me, but for my family who I don’t live with, especially my grandma, who lives alone - how was I going to help her when she needed things? The most important for me was to be able to get food to her and to get her prescription medication arranged, but, thank god for supermarket delivery (godsend) and online pharmacy service. I definitely could have used them to track down medication that the local chemist didn't have. I also had a bout of contact dermatitis for a few weeks and was able to check on the website for the Dermovate Ointment and even get a free online consultation.

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As the weeks went by super slowly, it took me a good three weeks to completely settle with what’s going on, I believe most of us felt the same, unsure of what’s next, and simply questioning how it will all be when and if this situation will come to an end. I threw myself in to some sort of routine and worked on things that I previously didn’t have enough time for i.e. this blog and my YouTube channel. I started brainstorming ideas, working on a content calendar and doing market research which has really helped me during this time. My other side venture was training to be a nail technician and I completed so many nail art courses as well as trained on my shaping and filing. I felt by filling my daily activities with small lists really helped make my days go by productively and now I feel busier than ever.

I coped during this lockdown period by making a new routine that was different to my usual and really invested in building myself and my business and I can honestly say that I am ready to go back out there and face the world whatever it may throw at me.

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How did you cope during the lockdown period? Did you take up any new hobbies or ventures?



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