Little Additions That Can Make A Night In All The Better

With this advice, we hope you can consider the little additions that make a night in all the better

Most of us have come to perfect the art of the ‘night in’ over the last few months. It’s not hard to see how this can be a preferable alternative when heading out for the night is a tough ask, and even unwise at this time. That’s fine, because nights in can be fantastic, too.

The little additions that make a night in feel fantastic to deal with are also lovely and can grant you than excellent movie night justification or time spend with loved ones in your most intimate setting. No matter if you enjoy watching movies, nangs, or taking the time to prepare beautiful snacks while watching a silly television show, often the little atmospheric measures make the biggest difference going forward.

But what are these little additions? Are they affordable, or expensive? And perhaps most of all, what kind of evening can they give us? The questions here are important, and I hope to answer all of them in the following words below. More importantly, I hope you have a great night in:

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Comfort Of The Highest Order

Don’t be afraid to enjoy comfort, and to even seek it out. What if you purchased that large footrest both you and your partner could use? What about a weighted blanket for winter? What if you used a range of candles to help your mantlepiece feel radiant? It could be that relaxing means having access to beautiful incense to help your home smell and feel beautiful to inhabit. Comfort can help any night in completely shred your stress, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing to opt for.

Little Accessories & Fun Activities

The little accessories and fun activities that help a night in feel worthwhile can be a great investment. For instance, it might be that you invest in a range of the most celebrated and awarded board games for you and your partner to delve into. A speaker system can help your movie-watching experience shine. Nang delivery for deserts or subscribing to the latest services, or purchasing the best new television shows on Amazon Prime can be a great idea. Subscriptions for wine delivery can also help you enjoy a few glasses with someone you love, and keep your drinking high-quality and always moderated.

Theme Your Night!

Why not theme your night? It can seem like a silly thing to do, but silliness is often the best thing to enjoy with a night-in. For instance, you might decide to watch a collection of spy movies. Perhaps you could dress up in your comfortable but smart clothes, invest in a great bottle of champagne, a beautiful meal, go for a late-night drive, and then come back for the main event. Little eccentricities like this can help you feel a bit more engaged, particularly if you have younger children or family members, or wish to celebrate something in a humble manner.

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With this advice, I hope you can consider the little additions that make a night in all the better.



  1. 14th October 2020 / 2:29 pm

    This post was so comforting to read! I love the idea of having themed nights. There are so many ways to go about it! A Halloween night of course, but also maybe a Disney night, Harry Potter night… This gives me a lot of ideas! Thank you for this post! 🙂
    Take care x

    Julia x
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