Protecting a Country Home in Rural Areas

protecting a country home in rural areas

A rural home can often be difficult to protect due to all of the foliage and open space around your property. Thieves can attack from any angle and they often have a lot of hiding spots to lurk when they’re scouting out the weaknesses of your property and your daily habits. In addition, emergency response is usually a bit slower because there are often fewer police officers to respond to your calls and they might even have difficulty finding your property.

As such, it’s important to focus on actually protecting your property and preventing crime from happening in the first place. This can be particularly challenging, so we’re going to discuss a couple of tips to help you protect a country home in a rural area.

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Have a good security system

A security system is both an active countermeasure against criminals and also a deterrent. When they see that you have cameras around your home and an alarm system, they’ll think twice about breaking in. Thankfully, you don’t need to redesign your home to fit a security system because it can easily work over a WiFi connection or a closed-circuit system that is always on and is connected to a local police station.

Get to know your neighbours

If your property is close enough to other homes then building a strong sense of community can be a fantastic way to protect everyone’s land and property. If you spot someone suspicious lurking around your neighbour’s home, you can let them know so they can be prepared for any potential burglaries. Likewise, your neighbour will let you know if they see anything strange happening that you should be aware of. This also helps a lot when you’re going to be away for an extended period, such as a holiday break.

Adding a fence around your land

Country properties are usually quite large. In fact, they’re large enough that you likely own most of the land around the property as well. In a case like this, fencing adds a boundary to your land which helps you protect it and also ensure that nobody accidentally stumbles into your land and takes something that you own. It’s your private property, so you have every right to put a fence around your land boundaries to keep it safe.

Don’t leave things outside, even if it’s on your land

Be it a storage crate, a vehicle or farm equipment, make sure you leave nothing in plain sight on your land because there’s always a chance that someone will ignore your fenced area and come to steal something. Almost anything of value will be taken if you’re not careful. Fuel could be siphoned from your vehicles or they might even steal tools and spare parts for their own use.

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Despite the lower rates of crime in rural areas, it doesn’t mean that your home is completely safe and there may be situations where you’re forced to safeguard your home to protect your belongings and your family. It’s never a bad idea to consider these rural property protection tips and you’ll be doing yourself a favour by keeping criminals out.


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