Is Air Travel the Best Way to Travel Long Distances?

Is Air Travel the Best Way to Travel Long Distances?

Depending on how quickly we need to reach our destination, there are various forms of transport that we may consider travelling with versus another. The considerations might be how relaxed we want to feel, what view we want to see or experience, along with how quickly we need to reach our destination. Chartering a private jet with Jettly will avoid the queues at the airport and afford you the luxury of a comfortable and more private environment for your timely trip.

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Travelling by rail will allow you to see scenery that is not visible by road as the railway lines cut across country. If you are normally the driver, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the lengthy views. It is possible to book scenic train rides that cross countries and continents. The rail network is extensive and a pleasant way to see countries from the ground. The United States has the world’s longest network, following by China and then India who have long rail networks, too. No railway transport is available in Bhutan, but Bhutan and India are, after the signing of a memorandum, to connect via the Indian Railways network. So, there really isn’t any country or region that you should not be able to see at least part of by train.


If you like to be surrounded by water, it is possible to cross seas for a short distance by ferry or longer distances by cruise ship. Ferry travel will provide plenty of fresh air and space to spread out. The advantage of cruising is that you get to see parts of the world that other transport systems cannot reach or are not scheduled to visit. The drawback is that you do not stay at any of these locations for very long. Arguably, not long enough to enjoy any of them to their full potential. Deals can be obtained for larger groups. Oceans are covering at least 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, although according to Ocean Service, less than 5 percent of them have been explored. 50 percent of the United States lies under ocean. The longest mountain chain in the world, the Mid-Ocean Ridge, is underwater. It stretches for 65,000 kilometres. Interestingly, is has been explored less than the surfaces of Mars or Venus.  The largest of the oceans is the Pacific Ocean, which has approximately 25,000 islands to explore.


In contrast, air travel allows for travel over longer distances. It is a more direct form of travel for great distances, intended to allow the passengers to enjoy the ultimate destination for longer once they have arrived. The two options available here, excepting helicopter rides, are commercial airline travel or from hiring a private jet. Commercial airline travel will see you among the masses, whereas chartering a private jet will afford you more privacy and the kind of lifestyle that in the past has only been associated with celebrities, musicians, and sports teams. More and more people are considering private charter jets over commercial air travel these days, as the planes are now more than capable of travelling for greater distances without refuelling, and able to hold more passengers. This makes it possible to arrange a stag or hen party the same size as you would have gathering in a local drinking venue, except it will be made all the more special by the occasion being held at a more exotic location. It should just be noted that there are five countries within Europe that have no airport – Monaco, San Mario, Liechtenstein, Andorra, and Vatican City. Other than those, it is possible to land within reasonable road distance of most destinations. So, for business trips, special occasions and holiday travel, air travel is still the option that provides the most accessibility to places and in the fastest time. Faster if by private jet.

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For more information on the different modes of transport, there is an article that you can read. However, considering convenience and flexibility, it is difficult not to consider the luxury of a private jet whether travelling long or short distances for business or pleasure.


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