How to Upgrade Your Home for Sale

How to Upgrade Your Home for Sale

If you're thinking of selling your home next year then pandemic lock down could be the perfect time to invest in upgrading it. Whether your upgrades are high or low budget the efforts you make will increase your home's value and improve the chances of a quick sale next year. Read the list below and decide which area to target first.

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The Kitchen 

The kitchen is the most significant area of the house if you want to upgrade the home for selling. Most buyers initially look at the kitchen to decide if they have to invest in it or not. With a budget upgrade you can do the thinking for them. You don't need to invest heavily in the kitchen to make it count. Upgrade the flooring and paint the walls and cupboards. Make sure everything is clean and modern-looking. Alternatively install a new budget kitchen and recoup the money in the sale price.


You might run into serious legal issues if you sell a property with structural issues, you might even command a much lower market price than expected if your property is found to have underlying issues. The best thing to do is have it surveyed first and upgrade if necessary. After you have a survey conducted, contact an underpinning specialist to upgrade your home and ensure everything is adequate for selling. If you do this you will avoid any future issues with and you can guarantee that your home is suitable for selling.

The Bathroom 

After the kitchen the bathroom is the room with the most significant for new buyers. In the past a bathroom only had to be functional but times have changed. These days people expect a little more from a bathroom such as luxury shower rooms and large baths. If you take out a loan it may be possible to install an impressive bathroom with all the mod-cons, on a budget, however, you can still do a lot. Replace the fixtures and fixings,  replace the tiles on the floor and walls, and deep clean everything.


These days buyers are looking for different things from the homes they purchase and energy efficiency is top of the list. If a home is not elegy efficient it means investment will be required, it also means energy bills will be higher than average. To mitigate this risk and command a higher market price for the property you can invest in better insulation, switch to a better energy provider and install solar panels. These efforts will allow you to increase your asking prices significantly.

The Floors 

If a property looks a little old or neglected when it's viewed by new buyers it will affect the property's sale price and its likelihood of attracting new buyers. Small details affect this such as the floors. In the past it was normal to have carpets in all the rooms, even the bathroom, but this trend has died long ago. Now it's expected you will have vinyl or wood flooring in most rooms except the bedrooms where carpets are still allowed.

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Hope you found this post useful if you're planning on moving in 2021.


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