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Summer is officially on it's way and I am all here for it! Tans, lighter make up and tousled, bouncy hair, yep, that's me all over.

Living Proof has been on my radar for a while now and I'm so happy to share with you today, the products that I've been using during lockdown to keep my hair in tip top condition.

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We'll start with the basics, shampoo and conditioner. Getting this right from the off set is so important to ensure my hair is clean and fresh. The Living Proof Full Shampoo and Full Conditioner not only gives me instant volume after drying, it's super gentle and thoroughy cleanses my hair.

Treatment wise, I like to do once, sometimes twice a week and I flit between the Living Proof Weightless Mask and the Night Cap Overnight Protector. The hair mask literally revives my hair and makes it look so shiny when dry. The condiition of my hair has improved a lot since using this and I highly recommend it if you have fine hair as it smooths and strengthens the hair without compromising on the volume. The Overnight Protector is honestly one of a kind and not like anything I've tried before. As the name of the product suggests, it's an overnight treatment that works on damp or dry hair and leaves my hair super, super shiny for a good 4-5 days. It's very easy to apply, and smells incredible too.

Lastly, I've mentioned the Living Proof Dry Shampoo in this post before and it is one of my favourite hair products ever. It fully cleans my hair during those in between days, elimimates oil and makes it look fresh and new again. I absolutely love this dry shampoo and would 100% recommend if you're looking for a new one to try.

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What are your current favourite hair products?



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