4 Things To Remember When Planning Your Wedding Photos

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So the big day is coming, and you're going over the final details of your wedding preparations to ensure you haven't forgotten anything or made any mistakes. Then it occurs to you that you haven't given much thought to your wedding photographs! While you may have selected and booked your wedding photographer, you haven't considered where your pictures would be taken or what kind of theme you'd like to see in them.

When thinking about your wedding photos, it’s likely you’ve spent more time thinking about what you’re going to be wearing, your skincare regime before the big day, and also what your partner is going to be wearing too. If you’re panicking because you haven’t given much thought to your wedding photos, take a look at these things to remember when meeting with your photographer.

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Special requirements

The first thing you should do is contact your photographer to start talking about the specifics of your wedding day. They will most likely have packages to sell you, which you and your partner can review before making a decision. If you already have an idea of what you want, ask your local wedding photographer if they can create a kit specifically for you. For example, if you want to include your children in your personal pictures, your photographer may need to make special arrangements.


You may not have even considered the background of your wedding photos. Do you want it at the venue where your ceremony will take place? Or do you and your partner have a favourite location where you'd like your photos taken? This information must be established now so that on the big day, you don't end up with photos with a backdrop you'll later regret.


Another thing to think about is what kind of theme you'd like to have for the pictures of you and your guests that will be taken. Many people simply trust their photographer to capture natural images of everybody having a good time, which is fantastic! Have you considered taking a few purposeful pictures of various aspects of your wedding? You may, for example, have a picture of your hands, your mother's hands, and your grandmother's hands all holding your wedding rings. Since these photographs are sometimes sentimental to each individual, try to think of a unique picture that you might request to commemorate your special day.

Photo booth

Natural photos from your wedding are, of course, wonderful to look back on. However, your guests may want to take photos for themselves to remember your special day. Consider dedicating a special area at your reception with a beautiful backdrop for guests to have a picture snapped by your wedding photographer.


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Finally, a great option for your photographer is to take a picture of you and your new husband bearing the words "thank you." This way, you will include a photo of the two of you looking really happy in your thank-you notes. It'll put a big smile on your guests' faces.


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