How To Embrace Summer In Your Home

how to embrace summer in your home

Summer is an idyllic time: sunshine, flowers blooming, long evenings… What could be better? If you love the summer and are looking forward to all those treasured moments it brings, you definitely aren’t alone.

Home improvements can take many forms, and if you want to make your home feel like a summery slice of heaven, there are ways to achieve this! In this blog, we will focus on how to embrace the summer in your home. Are you ready to bring the summer vibes inside your humble abode?

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Letting the light shine through…

One of the things we most associate with the summer is sunlight. Beautiful, hot days and warm, golden evenings are part and parcel of the summer experience. So if you want to embrace sunlight in your home, you can make modifications to your layout that maximises the amount of light that comes in. If you are prepared to make serious modifications for your home, you could brighten up your room with folding doors. Large, folding doors made of glass are ideal for letting your home soak up the sun’s rays, making it brighter and more beautiful overall. Additionally, you could declutter your space in order to let the light reach further in your home. If you remove unnecessary furniture and belongings, you will allow the sun to stretch into every corner of the room!

Incorporating summer colour palettes

Don’t underestimate the power of colour to boost your mood and immediately brighten your home. If you want to embrace summer to the max, you should think about the dominant colours in your current decor. Are there lots of dark blues and greys? If the answer is yes, you should consider updating these colours to lighter ones, such as beige, yellow, orange or pastel blue. If you aren’t in the position to repaint your walls a different colour, there are small changes you can make that are more cost-effective. These include buying new cushions or a rug that brightens the space, or putting house plants into your home for a more natural feel.

Preparing your garden for a summer of fun

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard, it’s time to start preparing it for a summer of fun. Especially if you have a family or share your home with your friends, your garden could be a hub for summer socialisation, picnics, parties and weekend sunbathing! How do you get your garden ready for summer? Firstly, you should ensure you are giving your plants as much water as possible, in order to keep them looking fresh and luscious. In addition to this, you could invest in a paddling pool or even a hot tub, if you’re feeling fancy! Combined with lovely summer furniture and plenty of space for a barbecue, your garden will be shaping up to be the summer hotspot of the year!

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Final Thoughts

If you love summertime, use these tips to transform your summer into the perfect relaxation station for all to enjoy.


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