Make Your Home More Comfortable This Summer

Make Your Home More Comfortable This Summer

With summer just around the corner, now might be a good time to look at things you can do to ensure your home is as comfortable as possible when things start to heat up, as chances are they will! There are numerous things you can do to keep your home cool and comfortable in the summer months, but here are some of the best.

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Put up blinds

If you don’t already have blinds in your windows, you might want to consider investing in some before summer gets into full swing. Why? Because one of the most effective ways to keep your home cool and comfortable in the summer is to close the blinds during the heat of the day. This can keep out as much as 30 percent of the hot air that would usually get in, which means you can relax in cool comfort, which is always a relief.

Install air con

Traditionally, homes in the UK have not been fitted with air con as standard, but more and more people are coming to realise the benefits of having air conditioning in their homes. The last few summers have been very warm, and it can be sweltering indoors, even with all the doors and windows open. When you have an air conditioning unit though, you can get the relief you seek at the touch of a button. Oh, and if you do install air con, be sure to keep all of the doors to rooms you aren’t using closed while it’s switched on because that will ensure that the air will have a smaller area to keep cool, and that means it will do its job far more effectively.

Switch to natural fibres

When it comes to things like bedding and soft furnishings in your home, it’s good to go with natural fibres like linen, cotton and bamboo, which are extremely breathable, if you want to be as comfortable as possible in the summer months. If you have a leather couch, covering it with a cotton throw, for example, will stop that hot sticky, needing to be peeled off the sofa feeling that is oh so familiar in summer, and enable you to give your decor a bit of an update for the season too.

Keep windows open in the evenings

Opening your windows in the evenings will enable you, and your home to benefit from the cooler, crisper air that comes with the darkness.

Consider a ceiling fan

Not only are ceiling fans very attractive, but they are very effective at keeping a room cool, and they are surprisingly affordable. It will take an electrician less than 30 minutes to install a ceiling fan and the relied on you will feel is amazing. Ceiling fans are also great for creating a rustic French feel to your home decor, so if that’s your thing, it’s just another reason to install a fan.

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Keeping cool in summer can sometimes seem impossible, but these simple hacks will help.

Enjoy your summer!



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